LF Raiding/M+ Guild on Zul'Jin


I am a previously “semi-hardcore” raider who is looking to get back into raiding and M+. Me and a buddy need a good guild home that is friendly, chill, but also ready to rock when it comes to getting stuff done. I would want to tank M+s and DPS raids if possible. I will be xferring a few characters over to solidify the server as home.
Please reach out on bnet or this post, my bnet is bigboypants#1398

Hey Wetwart. I’m aware you are looking for a guild on Zul’Jin, but if you and your friend consider server transfering I’m from a new guild on Illidan called Passive Aggresive. We are a small group of talented players, almost all 2/12 M and 2k+ IO who are looking to fill our last spots to continue our Mythic prog.

We raid on Wed/Thu 7-10 CST, and run 15s-20s keys almost everyday, making sure everyone at least has a 15 every week.

If you are interested and would like to know more you can add me on bnet: Polenta#1436, or on Discord: polenta#0307

Check us out! A lot of our members push higher keys and we need dps for raid, also on Zul’jin [H] Returning mythic weekend guild lfm