LF Raiding Guild with High M+ activity

Hello Currently looking for a raiding guild to quickly down heroic and move into mythic in the up coming tier. I can make almost all raid times and days. Guild died at the start of the raid tier around when D4 came out I took a break then and just returned. 443 ret have other classes at 70 and would be willing to switch to meet guild needs

Bnet- ambab#1256
Discord- ambabs

Sent a discord friend request. I would like to talk about Deplete Repeat on Sargeras. AOTC/M+ focus guild, #80 for Heroic Sark kill, no drama guild. Raid nights are Wed/Sunday 6:30-9:30 cst. Hope to hear from you.

HI Zaford,

My guild Midlife Crisis on Area-52 is recruiting for several DPS classes

We are an AOTC focused guild with a heavy mythic+ active group. However, we are also looking to keep building to solidify a 20 person raid team to push further into mythic raiding. We’re 3/9M right now, but need a few more people to make the push further.

Our raid schedule is Tue/Wed/Thu nights 9p-11:45p eastern time.

We’ve gotten AOTC for both seasons. We are currently clearing Aberuss weekly and farming 3/9 mythic to get everyone a mythic vault slot each week.

Coming up for 10.2 we’re going to run our full guild raid team (30 people) on Tue/Thu nights starting on normal and then progressing into Heroic. On Wed nights we are going to run a more competitive group of no more than 20 people that will start on heroic then progress into mythic. The heroic/mythic progression team will still raid with the full raid team on Tues/Thu nights. This plan will allow the full guild to raid together 2 nights a week, but allow a smaller team push progression a bit faster.

We also have many members that run mythic+ keys during the week.

Our main recruitment thread can be found on Area-52’s Forum [H/A]<Midlife Crisis> 3/9M Aberuss / AOTC / M+ Keys Guild Recruiting

We’ve already had a few re-rolls and transfers join us in prep for Amirdrassil. If you’re interested in talking more please feel free to contact me. Hope to be able to you talk more. Thanks and good luck.

Discord: bigpoppakane
BNET: Karlzmon#1583

Hi there Zaford,
I am the GM of the guild Gnome Depot. We are currently looking to fill roles on our fri/sat night progression team. We raid from 9:30pm -12:30 EST. We are in the process of picking back up after a long drawn out season and would love to talk to you and see if you are interested in what we have to offer. Im including our link to the guild information for you to look through. If you are interested please dont hesitate to reach out! I hope to hear back from you soon!