LF Partners - 2s + 3s - READ

477 DH, 6x+ Gushing, 3x Verse Amp, Looking to push 2s or 3s. Wanting to push 2100+. Would like to get a team together or a group willing to learn and push.

Please have at least 2k+ Exp and 470+ ish ilvl. Dont care for CR.

2s CR = 2k
3s CR = 1840

LF any of these DPS classes = Warr / DK / WW / possibly Surv Hunter
Any Healer other than Priest.

B-Tag = Opp#11202


Hey Iā€™m an Hpal that hit Duelist for the first time this season. Currently hovering around 2k As well. And I hover around 1800 in 3s as well. I sent you a friend request.

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If I deleted a request, send another one! Was an accident!