LF Name 'Firesong'

Title says it all, been trying to get this name for a couple years but it’s still taken on an inactive character. If you have it and are willing to part with it, I’d be super appreciative :> Would mean a lot to me.

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If you are for sure its an inactive character you maybe able to open a ticket to get the name released from the character.

They no longer let you do that. I tried it, they send you back to the support page. Inactives are “freed” upon starts of new expansions, apparently. My assumption is that it works like SWTOR; if they’re inactive when the expansion releases, and you choose the name, it’ll yoink it from the previous user.


If thats the case he should be able to grab it at shadowlands launch

Yeah sadly they nixed that service a long time ago which sucks, because I used it often. Got them extra name change money too!