LF LGBTQ+ friendly guild for SL


I am currently looking for a place to call home for the remainder of BfA and going into shadowlands. I am a veteran player that returned during BfA with all the extra Covid free time I had on my hands. I played during TBC and wrath as a holy paladin. I currently have a raid ready druid, priest, mage, and rogue. I am looking for an 18+ guild (preferably upper 20s-30s) that has a non-toxic environment and is understanding that real-world responsibilities come before wow. LGBT focused is a plus but Iā€™m interested in anywhere that has a laid back environment.

Things I enjoy:
Raiding (has to be pretty casual as I have a full time job rotating days/evenings/weekends)
Casual PvP

I prefer to heal over other roles and I am planning on mostly playing this holy priest in shadowlands.


Hello Daronyss!

Slightly Inefficient currently looking for members to join us as we prep our guild to take on Shadowlands. We have currently just be running high M+ keys together for this current tier but we are all experienced raiders and looking to jump back in come Shadowlands. We know better than anyone that RL comes before the game. Our planned raid times are W/TH 7:00-10:00 pm CST. Please contact me if you have any questions CPeppers#1263 !