LF Heroic/Mythic Raiding guild

I’m looking for an active raiding guild (horde side) that raids on Monday, Tuesday, and/or Thursday starting no earlier than 930 pm server time (ending no later than 1 am server time). I’m looking to main Ret Pally going in to shadowlands, but have all classes at 120 minus a DK. I can fill the needs of a raid group if it’s a solid group. I play the game to have fun and I believe progression through the raid content is part of the fun. My major goal is AOTC through heroic raiding and progression through mythic raiding as a good challenge, but not a necessity to be in a guild that can fully clear it before the next raid is released (but it’d be a bonus). I value friendship and grouping together over being in groups with asshats pushing high keys. If you think your guild is a good spot for me (and a few other people in my current guild that are looking to possibly make a move) please let me know.