LF [H] Rp guild for 2 toons

I have 2 different toons I’d love to get into a horde RP guild. Since they’re pretty different in terms of like… story, it’s fine if i only find one or the other a guild. If you ever see me around though, feel free to pst to rp, either in game or out. :slight_smile: They’re kind of wip, mostly because as of now they don’t really have any relationships or developments with other characters IC.

Anyway, I’m just gonna list them:

Sylvoix- Nightborne Arcane Priest, he’s more interested in his own scholarly pursuits than the war. He’s been on a bit of a tour of azeroth to learn more about the outside cultures and further master magic. He’s not formally enlisted in anything, but will take odd jobs/quests to make money to further his travels. Looking for either horde or neutral Scholarly/mage heavy, archeology or something similar group? He’s more horde leaning but he’d be fine with neutral.

Saristella- Bloodelf former Death knight, and currently a wandering merc/blacksmith for hire. Her two siblings have rejected her since her return to the horde ages ago, and being a DK… she’s at a bit of a loss still all these years later, and especially with the recurring wars. She’d be best in a merc/bodyguard/bounty hunter-esque guild, or in a non fighting oriented guild as like a heavy or again, some type of guard… i’m hesitant for a full on military guild.

If these types of things interest you too, i also don’t mind like building up a group of similar stuff either? I’m just mostly looking for contact I guess!

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It’s a business themed group but that means nearly anything fits in:

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My interest is actually quite piqued with your guild! I’mma take a bit to look through your links and such, I’ll contact you if I have any questions/etc :blush:

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Please do! We look forward to hearing from you :slight_smile:


gearpunk dynamics is way better but you have to be a Goblin sadly

Many guilds have something amazing to offer lol

Like they said, all guilds have their own strengths and things to offer :slight_smile:

I further the Firebrand Enterprises’ offer.

Good rpers, good people oocly, and very active both in events and players who log on

Im not even two weeks into my WoW tenure and theyve made me feel right at home. AND they encourage/help plan and form events run by non-officers.

For seriously, check em out