LF [H/N] Rp guild/group

I know it’s a bit of a tall order, but I’m looking for a Horde/Neutral group to roleplay my Unseen Path blood elf hunter with. ICly, my ideal group would be like-minded hunters and woodsmen/women more neutrally-aligned than “die hard Alliance/Horde!” This doesn’t have to be an established guild, but if there are people interested we could just just be an unguilded group of rpers who get together regularly to do events and just hang.

I’d also like people who are interested in running dungeons and raids for mounts and such, but this isn’t a primary focus.

I’m balancing other rp so I can’t dedicate myself to anything heavy, but I can usually make a point to be on several nights a week at the very least. Anyone know of anything, or have an interest to start a group like that?

We’re Horde aligned, but we’re more business oriented, so you won’t find much “Fore the Horde!” or “Kill all Alliance!” type stuff with us. Our guild’s story doesn’t deal with the current war at all.

This seems like a more business/merchant guild, which isn’t what I’m looking for on this toon, but thank you for the offer! ^^