LF H Jailer nerfs

Can we get some heroic jailer nerfs already? I think its a fair time to go ahead and do so, combined with the fact no one wants to do him because “bad loot” and pugs just largely unable to kill it unless good RNG…its a rough rough time trying to get AOTC


Still no nerfs.

he’s tuned fine. what do you need nerfs for?

I would like there to be more time between 2nd bombs and MC. I’m getting caught in the air or land with no time to LoS. Way too tight.

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You need to face the jailer as you go down the hole w/ your bomb so that when you fly up in the air the pillar will rise up between you and the jailer.

HC boss is laughably easy we were killing it the 2nd reset even without double leggos or 4 set, seriously why is the large percent of the playerbase so awful that they want everything to be face roll ?

the tank positions boss in between 3 holes and the rune goes in the 3 runes around boss position.

this addresses your concern.

Actually a pretty easy fight if you wait to move the boss until after he does the suck in mechanic. Youll only move him 3 times in phase 1. Once you figure that out, it should solve the bulk of your issues.

Funny how the guides of the elite guilds don’t point this out at all.

Also funny how they didnt think to put some good healer loot on this boss given how having 1 extra healer ie 2/3/6 or 2/4/9 or 2/5/12 will make it go smoother on learning pulls and pug pulls and most pug groups will probably fail from people dying early/not having enough heals.

Not gonna lie he seems relatively fine too me. My group has been trying it and trust mee, not the best of players annd we have gotten him too less then 9%.
To me rygaelon was 2x as hard.

Edit: killed him that night.

My only thing for this is I think the timer for bombs should be greatly increased when you drop into the holes. The timing required for this I find to be too difficult considering how you don’t get to practice the mechanic all that often in a group setting.

I can’t really say anything else about the fight needing nerfs.

The fight really needs to reward better stuff considering it’s an end boss.

our tank places him in the middle of 3 unpopped holes and each bomb goes into a different hole. it’s plenty of time. if you have to run across the room it’s bad but player decisions can mitigate this concern. and even if you blow up outside a hole, you can survive with CDs and dont need all 3 pillars raised.

It’s not the time to get to a hole, it’s the timing between dropping in one and the bomb going off. I’ve had less than a 50% success rate when I’m chosen. Going into the hole at 1 second is too early. Going in just with less than a second left leaves for poor reaction timers to mess it up. The mechanic isn’t a good one. While I’m sure people could eventually figure out exactly when to drop into a hole, you simply aren’t selected for the mechanic enough times to practice such a tight time window.

IMO the bomb timing is fine. I’m not sure what DBM’s alert/timer looks like, but BigWigs’ voiced countdown for the bomb was unreliable the first time I saw Heroic Jailer because it was hitting “1” too early. So now I pay attention to the actual debuff timer and react once it drops below 2 seconds. 2 seconds is a perfectly-fine window if you consider that you’ll spend about .5-.75 of that actually turning and walking over the hole before you really fall.

you go in the hole when your yell turns from 2 to 1. or when the timer displays 3 turning into 2.

this is the stuff you learn with practice. you go to the ledge of the hole. wait for the right time, then go.

I actually have done this, and the blast wasn’t enough to carry me back up. My only success was when the timer was just under 1 second. Could be BWs not being all that accurate so I’ll try with something to better monitor the debuff itself rather than the chat bubble.

you can fall for 2 seconds or more and it will carry you up.

with your latency, jump when you see “1”, then. everyone learns to time it based on the timer. find the queue that works for you.

They cannot nerf it now, or the recycled content for next season will die too fast.