LF [H] Anti-Horde/Neutral guild/RP

Hello all. I’m an Alliance sucker who decided to try out a Horde character back in Legion. The Horde isn’t really my cup of tea, but I’ve had some fun with my UD. He’s an UD Alliance war veteran who was raised after the mana bomb (he wasn’t a direct impact). As soon as he started to cozy up to the idea of the Horde, Slyvanas staged her massacre at The Gathering. This soured him completely, and now he’s a lonely drifter, rejecting one side and rejected by the other. I wanted to see if there was anyone similar out there, any similar RP or guilds, or even some neutral people out there. Thanks for reading!

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The Ashbound Warband is based off of the tenets that comprised Thrall’s Horde: honor, justice, and respect. We are currently based in the Barrens and seek to maintain moral and personal integrity in a Horde whose values have been so skewed by the current warchief. We stand in opposition to what she does, and what she represents.

We’d love to have you onboard!

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TSV is a neutral Ebon Blade guild on Alliance side if you’re interested in RP like that. Most of our DKs and living characters don’t see race or faction. Your story interests me personally and I’d love to RP with you sometime. If you’re interested btag me Evelyne#1179. I live in Ireland so I’m mostly available during the morning/afternoon US times.

Ya like faires?


I love the concept, but Wil is a stubborn man. All Horde is back to being bad Horde. Good luck though!

The Horde Guild Directory is a good place to start. If your guild isn’t listed, I suggest going ahead and submitting an entry.

I remember the Strawmen being fairly active some time ago.

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I’ve definitely seen you guys around, Wil certainly isn’t Ebon Blade though. He spends a lot of time in Booty Bay, come on down!