LF Guild/Community - Will Transfer

Hello everyone!

I am a long time player returning after a long break looking for a semi serious raiding guild or community. What I mean by that is although it would be nice, I don’t need to one shot every boss or progress through mythic raiding, as long as we are making some sort of forward progress. I saw semi serious because although I don’t care too much on progression just know that I my attendance will be 100%

Keep in mind I want faction change to

Horde along with any server change as long as I can raid with the guild.

Ideal Raid times are Early Morning EST or Tuesday/Wednesday’s Late Night (doesn’t matter though!)

What you get choosing me:

  1. I want to play mage - spec does not matter.
  2. Always active
  3. Always Helpful, I’ll stop what I’m doing to help guildies
  4. Knowledgeable (I’ve been playing since vanilla
  5. 100% attendance
  6. Leadership (if needed)

Please message me if anybody sees this and is willing to chat with me about it.

My discord is- CertifiedxLegit#0767

My battle net is- Certified#11669

Hi Zirious, not sure if SOM or classic era interests you but you sound like a perfect fit for a guild I am targeting for new fresh or SOM season 2. I’ll shoot you a message in discord in case your interested and good luck finding the right fit.