LF Guild to take me in!

Hey there, newish kind of player to wow. Started in late legion to bfa and really only got into it to unlock this new race. Now that I have, i’m looking for a guild to take me in. =]

I am into everything for the most part. PvP is alot of fun. Raiding seems like an amazing/challenging experience.

Hopefully I hear from some of you soon, thank you for reading! =]

While we are not a leveling guild, we are more than happy for you to join in the hopes that when you are of capped level we have another raider to add to the roster. Hit me up on bnet at Moonpie#1732 if you’re interested.

will add when i get home tonight =]

Hey there Vainkai!

If you haven’t found a guild yet, we’d take in a stray Zandalari!

We have people with many different play styles in our guild. Some just run the content for old achieves, some just run M+, some raid, some PvP, and some just love to do questing.

We are always happy to help out a newer player!

Here’s our guild spam if you care to look it over: [H]Revered with Death - What's your End Game?

Hope to hear from you! And best of luck in your search!

Hi Vainkai! If you are still looking for a solid group to call home, we are happy to take you and show you the ropes of the game. We have people regularly running mythic dungeons to just have fun, push their scores, or both. We raid twice a week T/TH 6:30-9:30pm (EDT). Sometimes we just sit around socialize while working on our island expedition weekly or old world content for mounts, pets, and more. I’ll link my guild recruitment post. You can contact me in Bnet (Crisey#11596), any of the other officers, or our guild leader with questions and for an invite. Hope to hear from you!