LF Guild (RP preferred, meh)

Potentially returning player, been coming and going from this game for years now. Usually when I come back I leave after a month because I have trouble socializing. I’m looking for a group of friendly players to do stuff with, I enjoy healing/tanking, I’m not very good at PvP, I like roleplay, ERP is okay too I guess, I also have over a year’s experience as a Dungeon Master for D&D 5th Edition so I can come up with events if interested.

Billy Mays here for Burned Hounds Conclave. We’re an RP focused guild, but we also have groups for mythic dungeons. We have groups for a few different themes, and I can’t promise you’ll find something you like, but the odds are good. Our event runners are fantastic.

We also have groups for tabletops over Roll20, if that’s something you’re interested in.

We may not be the right guild for you, but it can’t hurt to come check us out.

Feel free to check out our Horde Guild Directory!

Best of luck on your guild hunt! :slight_smile:

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