LF Guild on Tichondrius. Heroic SOD/KEYS

Arcane, BM and Holy toons are looking for a raiding guild. Also to do high-end keys with the crew after raid or whenever. Main’s io is 2k. Prefer a heroic raiding guild, don’t mind mythic raiding guilds just can’t commit to mythic right now. My guild unexpectedly disbanned. /sadface

Hey check out {Mad Lads} on Tichondrius! We are 9/10H and raid Wed & Thurs from 8-11PM EST. We also usually end up doing do a drunken fun alt run normal clear on Saturdays too. We are looking to add a few more regular raiders to our roster to jump into Mythic within the next week or so.

Hit me up in game on SlightlyUsed or on Btag if you are are interested: DMGDGOODS#1849

Hey! Our guild could be the right fit for you. We are a Heroic/Mythic guild that just transferred to Tichondrius. We raid Tuesday/Wednesday/Sunday 8:30pm-11pm PST. We are currently 1/10M 7/10H. Also, plenty of high-key Mythic+ players in the guild too.

You can get in touch with me on Discord: lonesoldier09#0009