Lf guild ( m+/raid)

Hello my name is James but you can call me tasty, i am a BM hunter looking for a family to play WoW, iv been playing WoW for 5 years. M+ is my fav topic and also i am a big TMOG guy. ( BTW i need a guild that is on the realm (STORMRAGE)

< Boyfriends > on Tichondrius-US is a 1day Mythic progression guild that is recruiting

Raid Schedule
Wednesday 8pm - 11pm PST

About us
Fun, Efficient raid schedule with a goal of clearing a majority of Mythic raid. Our guild is backed by a proven leadership style while having plenty of social aspects like Bi-Monthly giveaways and get-together styled events.

Recruitment Needs
Any (with the new expansion upcoming, we aren’t to worried about fitting in specific classes since plenty of players will probably be open to swapping mains or playing new alts once more details are posted about the new expansion changes.

Contact info
Contact me directly on discord @moarcookiez

Hi there just wanted to leave you our guild recruitment post. I hope you find what you are looking for in your search for a wow home.

Hi James,

I run a small casual EST social Alliance guild on Proudmoore. Our main thing is we enjoy doing stuff together as a group to help each other out and have fun more than just doing content for the sake of it. We also enjoy helping each other out whether that’s gearing up, running for transmog, or helping with an alt and as a social group we are also pretty much always on our discord when we are on. We are rebuilding after not playing since mid shadowlands and plan to run both some mythic+ and casual raid some on normal as we have more people. We are also super alt friendly as my current guild members each have at least 6 characters.

Happy to chat more if your interested my battle net is wyvernflame#1720 and my discord is wyvernflame

hey there! heres a link to my guilds recruitment post. feel free to reach out if you might be interested! :slight_smile:

Hey there!

Path of Valhalla on Stormrage is building up our ranks for confined Season 4 raiding, mythic+ and The War Within! Were a guild mostly comprised of Dad’s with a work life during the day and a tendency to push keys, raid and share laughs at night.

We’re casual-midcore, as we aim to get AOTC and dabble on Mythic raid every tier but we know when to pump the brakes and relax for the end of the season. Our raid is Tuesday Thursdays from 9 EST to 11 EST.

Hit me up on Discord if you’d like to know more! Raven_VG is my username

Hey Tasty!!
We are looking for players who are wanting to raid, run m+ and other guild events. We have a semi-hardcore AOTC team and are currently working on building a 2nd raid team which will be more casual. Id love to chat if you are still looking for a guild! The link to our guild information is

If your interested, send me a dm!

You can join xserver any guild come tww, so by this fallish, um we liek a chat with ya if ya havnt found a home. taste liek chicken a52 skiid#11883

Please feel free to check us out.

PS Blizz thinks I’m a BOT from posting the same message too much, hence the PS