LF Guild, Horde Side

Hello! I am currently looking for an RP guild that also indulges in PVE/PVP, or at least RP and PVE since I do more PVE than PVP. I prefer guilds that allow the appropriate dark themes and dark characters since my character is lawful evil. I would like a place that is still loyal to the Horde storyline wise, possibly still pro-Sylvanas. I play a blood elf warlock who is NOT undead and it’s been difficult finding a suitable guild that isn’t strictly undead only.

If you have a guild, or you know of one, please contact me! I can be reached in game under Hocuspocus or my btag can be added as Targaryen#11925

If you find one respond to this because I’ll probably be in the same boat.

We’ve actually got a directory of guilds right here!

As usual, my advice is to hang around in the Valley of Honor for a bit. Interact with people and get references from them while keeping an eye out for groups that have a concept/dynamic that seems to appeal to you.

And of course I’d be negligent in my duties if I didn’t take the opportunity to plug Firebrand Enterprises for your consideration.

Good luck in your search!

The Vol’kar Legion is pro-Horde, but not pro-Sylvanas I’m afraid. We are quite lawful evil; protecting the Horde to the T. Before 8.2.5, we used the guise of Sylvanas’ actions to continue doing what was best for the Horde. There is a whole cohort that is dedicated to the… morally grey needs of the Horde.

I’m not sure if there are any Pro-Sylvanas guilds tbh. If there are, they just simply haven’t been public. I suppose that’s pretty in-character for them, though. I will echo Tamanii above all else. Searching through the directory will help narrow down exactly what you want from a guild. Happy hunting!

Thanks for the replies guys <3

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