LF Guild </hidden>

Hello all,

I’m new to the server and am wanting to dip my toes into the RP scene here. I’ve had this old boosted toon for awhile and wanted to try out WrA. I like small guilds typically less than 30ish people would be ideal for me. I also like doing the occasional M+ and WPVP/PVP/RPPVP.

I’m wanting to get into the Forsaken lore side of things, but I also don’t want to support Sylvanas on this character. I prefer fluid RP or dynamic RP rather than para RP. I don’t mind doing para RP, but I find it to be a bit dull if I’m just standing around.

What would guild do you think I would fit best in?

I’m also an EST player.


This directory includes several Forsaken-oriented guilds in the roster, and several of them are anti-Sylvanas since that is what you’re going for on that character! The little blurbs along with the link to their guild information forum post should give a pretty good summary of what to expect in terms of storyline and what kind of content the guild generally participates in.

As for the active hours, I’m not quite sure what guilds are generally more oriented towards one timezone or another, but I know that this server has a good mix of people on a variety of timezones. I myself am CST. It is probably best to ask whomever you might contact for further details what server times the guild generally participates in activities, and see how it aligns with your IRL timezone schedule.

I hope this helps, and that you find a guild that works for you! I think you’re going to have a lot of fun here!


Also, going to do my own shameless plug here for Kalimdor Logistics. Feel free to check out our recruitment page for the RP info on the guild, but we have around 20 active members and a few events a week doing PVE/PVP/Tmog runs/etc as well as one or two casual RP events/week and soon one of those will be our guild campaign!

Red Wolves is recruiting somes 18+ and mature players. We are around 10 members. We are a little bit PvE but RP oriented for the most. We have a event planned for this saturday at 1AM EST time. We are active after midnight EST time. We accept 1 alt per player. We got a Discord.

Our RP backstory is a wolfpack thats’ look to help Horde citizen in need. We might get it better through. We look for Orcs mostly but we accept every races.

You can Whisper me(Gunghar) around midnight. I’m usually on around midnight. Hope to have you in!