LF Guild [H] Zul'jin 407 ele/resto sham

Hello all! Im a 407 ele/resto sham LF a guild to raid with! I primarily run mythic + have been aiming for 10s the past few weeks. Im available from 7pm est to around 11pm est m-f. I also have two or three solid 400 ilvl friends looking to tag along as well. We are searching for a guild that needs us and hasnt full cleared current content on heroic or mythic.

add me up, lets chat!
(Pain Train/Zul’jin Horde )2/2 H CoS 2/9 M 9/9H We are recruiting heals for our core weekend raid group! Raid Times are (Optional) Friday Heroic 8pm-11pm With Mythic progression on Sat 9pm-12am & Sun 7pm-10pm server time. We are a group of adult gamers who are looking for likeminded players to help fill out our roster! We also are on the look out for any M+/pvp/casual players. relaxed environment. Please, feel free to contact me with any questions!


  • DPS
  • Healer(shammy/MW/pally) WITH a dps OS


  • Show up to raid on time
  • Show up to raid with food/pre-pots
  • Study fights if needed
  • Play your class/role in the raid correctly


Battlenet: Slotharoonie#1465
Discord: Ximu#6990
I will usually reply within a few hours, so please ask any questions you need!

Adult Atmosphere|Multi-Gaming|PvP|Discord Req!

Hey there! I’d love to chat with you if you are still looking for a guild. A shaman that can dps or heal would be a huge help to our raid team and we have room for your friends too if they are interested. We are mostly looking for DPS, but we can talk about it if they play tanks/healers. I’m at work now and may not be home until late tonight, but please add me on bnet or discord and I can answer any questions you may have from my cell. I’ll leave our basic info below in the meantime and I hope to hear from you soon! Bnet: Elizabiz#1963 / Discord: Zib#2185

Apotheosis Now is a horde raiding guild on Dalaran that has been together since vanilla and focuses on finishing heroic content ahead of the curve. Currently, we are 9/9 N, 6/9 H BoD and 1/2 H CoS.

Our raid schedule is Tuesday & Thursday 8:30 - 11:00pm EST. We have a second raid for friends, family, and alts on Wednesdays. We also have a number of members that enjoy pushing Mythic + keys.

We are looking to add any DPS classes and possibly a healer. We will consider all players who are 18+, reliable, have Discord/Mic, and a positive attitude!

Hey cork! Hubris’ team Taco Island would fit your needs nicely! They are 9/9h and a few solid players from entering mythic progression. I’d love to talk to you more about it, take care!

< Solidarity > Is a newly formed guild with members that have been playing together for over a year with 6/9 M BoD and 2/2 H CoS experience looking for active members who want to raid. Founders are a group of adult gamer’s who are looking for like minded players that want to be in a longer term home.

Raid Times:
Tues & Thur 9:45pm-12:45am EST

Current Needs:

Be on time to raid
Have food/pre-pots
Learn fights if needed