LF Guild 370 Warlock

Hello !

I am currently looking for a guild that’s primarily focused on AOTC but also deals with the first few bosses of Mythic difficulty. My current progression is 8/8 H 2/8 M.

Schedule wise Monday-Thursday works best for me, two nights preferred but may extend to three. Haven’t raided recently and looking to get back into the groove before the next tier releases at the end of January.

I have logs available upon request; if I seem like the fit for you please add my tag and I will provide any other information that’s of interest.


Thank you for your consideration !

Hey Belscu,

Azsharian here! I’ve read your post and I think your best fit would be here with us on Team 2 of Toast! We are a community of raiders on Area 52 that pushes Cutting Edge, M+, sales runs (gold only), and more!

We are currently recruiting all exceptional players for the upcoming raid tier, Battle of Dazar’Alor!

Our specific recruitment needs are listed below but everyone will be considered regardless of whether your class is listed or not.





Want to learn more about the guild?

Check us out here: toastguild(.) com - Remove ( )

Contact Us


Kildawabbit#6195 - Kilda
sixtyniine#7540 - Sixty
OrcSmash#6811 - Az

Battle Tag

Kildawabbit7#1408 - Kilda
R3PO#1422 - Aerodynamics
Chiqt#11826 - Az

We would love to hear from you!

Backlash - Area-52 Horde - We are a new guild that downed 8/8H first night and plan to push into mythic our next raid night, and we are recruiting players who have played at a top tier level to push content. We are a group of proven players who want to push mythic raiding on a 3 day schedule.

About Us: We will begin raiding in 8.1 together as a guild on a 3 night schedule. Tues/Wed/Sunday from 10pm-1am EST. We expect our raiders to have experience and know what it takes to be a progression group.

What We Are Looking for: We are currently recruiting ALL ROLES
Non-DK Tank

MW Monk

Aff/Destro Lock
Frost/Fire Mage
BM Hunter
Frost/UH DK
Fury/Arms Warrior
Havoc DH

These are just preferences, and we strongly encourage ALL exceptional players regardless of class to reach out to us!

If this sounds like the guild for you, please add one of us to real-id so we can get the ball rolling.

Doob (Co-GM) - Roman#12204
Celexe (Co-GM) - hecktic119#1454
Lazyplague (Main Tank) - lazytitan#1824

Guild: Simple Mechanics
Faction: Horde
Raid Times/Days: Tue/Thurs. 9-1130
Cleared: 2/8M 8/8H
Recruitment Contacts: Discord:@Manz#6517 or @Bhangis#9923 Btag: Manz#11742 or Jhengiskhan#1633
Needs: ALL dps (1 tank ours is being deployed)
We consider all exceptional players for our push into mythic content.
We run M+, RBG’s, and Arena’s all the time.
Hope to hear from you!

Hey belscu just swinging by to drop my generic recruitment post below but also say our guild might actually be a good fit for you and your logs look very impressive, would love to chat with you about possibly making your home with us. I’m going to send you as btag request from Atrixia#11822 and below is our thread with a bit of info about us. Cheers!

New guild formed with a variety of mythic raiders (this is our pet project), we will be raiding heroic once a week for our weekly clear on Saturdays @ 8:30pm-11:30pm server time.
You can view our official post here >Rebound< Looking for more! for all the details.

Armageddon Industries

Horde - Area 52 server (PVE)
Adult Heroic Raiding / M+ guild. Ages 25+ (30+ preferred)

[b]BfA Progression: Uldir 8/8H (AotC), 8/8N

Schedule of Guild Sponsored Events

  • T/Th 11pm-2am Server (EST) - Core Raid Team
  • Sun - Dungeons (Mythic/Timewalkers/Challenge)

Destiny 2 Clan = Junkyard Dawgs

  • Wed - Raid 11:30pm-3am EST
  • Friday - Gambit / Cruicible / Strikes (we may occasionally raid on Fridays too)

See our recruitment forum post for lots more details.

Novabomb (Guild Master / Raid Lead)
Battletag ID - Armageddon#1974
Discord ID - Skybolt#2791