LF guild: 10-15 M+, rival pvp, AotC range


Im posting here because I’d like to join a guild. I want to make friends, and be part of a team.

Ive been a solo player since MoP, so I have some catching up of sorts to do. The world of pugging is soul crushing, lfg is a nightmare, had enough!

Seeking mostly m+ guild, and pvp. I am currently working on KSM, and wouldn’t mind an rbg or 3s team. I main SPr, but also play Destro. I can make time to raid in the mid/long term.

I’m not a young man anymore, I work 9-5 and value my time, just like everyone else. I want to make the most of my time online, y’know?

Willing to migrate and/or faction change. Would like to join a mature, respectful and fun guild; again, friends + team.

boompuffboom#1295, tag me if this speaks to you =)

Have an awesome week everyone.

Hey Klesk - I sent you a btag request (Leth612) - easier to reach me on discord though if you want to add me there! Letholas#9581 - looking forward to talking to you!

Hi Klesk, just added you on Bnet (DoctorPinp) - like the guy above, I also recommend disc (DoctorPinp #6018) - I think you could be a great fit with our group :slight_smile:

Resurrected - Sargeras Alliance 6/10M
Raids Sunday & Monday, 7:30pm - 11:30pm CST

Add me in Discord for a quicker response: Rydia#0707

Hey there,

It sounds like we might be a great fit for you. Our guild, keep it simple on Zul’jin raids Tuesday and Thursday 7-10 ET, runs keys throughout the week, and does some pvp on the side. We already have curve and we full clear heroic each week. Originally the raid team was small, but now that we have achieved the main goal for the tier, we are expanding to a 25-30 man team for next tier. The goal is to push into mythic in the coming weeks, but we are currently allowing everyone to try out new classes and run alts. To that end we have an optional normal raid on Sundays. Several members already have KSM, and several of us are still working on it, so we’d love to have you along. If you’d like to check us out, you are welcome to come along with us on Tuesday, and see how you think you’d fit. Or you can just knock about and do some keys with us. You can shoot me a message on discord at Mewtron#1847

seem like you could be a good fit with us i have added you on bnet if you would like to chat

Hey there, added you on bnet (I’m Toasted21#1832)

Disorientated could be a great fit for you! Our primary focus is AOTC but we generally have people running keys throughout the week (and are trying to make this more of a priority now that we’re 10/10H). Raids are Tues/Fri 8-11pm and we do a bunch of other stuff throughout the week including keys, alt raids, and general shenanigans.

Hello Klesk,

might be a good fit for you and what you have going on. If you’d like, we are running a heroic CN clear tonight and a Normal CN clear Wedneaday, and you are more than welcome to come join us for a trial run! We are expanding our roster to build our numbers and move into mythic CN, but being apart of that team is in no way a requirement.

bluu#7164 is my discord, reach out to me if youre interested!