LF Classic Guild

I roll my eyes every time I see people advertising for a guild or looking for one in a game that hasn’t released yet for 40 man raids which most attendees will have no experience with, including players that did play vanilla WoW since only a small percentage actually raided in the first place.

Just wait for classic to release and recruit or search. Get more selective when content starts to roll out. Doesn’t make sense otherwise.

I’d be willing to bet 9 out of 10 guilds that have advertised so far in Classic forums will never come to fruition.

That’s fine but there’s no reason to come here and act like your opinion is the only one that matters. Who cares if he looks for a guild? It doesn’t effect you.

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But that’s exactly what it is. An opinion on an open forum. Thanks for the validation.

So you came here to flame people them?

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No, i came to give my opinion on an open forum. What you define as "flaming people’ is completely subjective.

No, you are flaming, It is pretty well defined.

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Opinions that people don’t like is often defined that way among other definitions, and it’s a pretty popular concept in 2019 that stems from social politics nowadays where everyone is special and must not be offended.

As far as I’m aware, there’s pretty well defined term for trolling by the TOS and my opinion doesn’t break that rule. Just because it’s something you don’t like, doesn’t mean you get to define it in that specific way as if it’s an objective fact.

Your reception of something is subjective and just another opinion. Don’t like it, either move on or add to the conversation instead of just trying to shut it down by saying “wow you’re mean”

Edit: My favorite, “you must be fun at party’s”

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Are you though?

Glad I beat you to it.

So you don’t want to come to my party?

Feel free to check out Willingly Suboptimal, we are a dedicated bunch that will certainly come to fruition, Bodywrecker may be a debby downer but those attitudes won’t stop us from enjoying the game.

we are an alliance guild that will be focused on hardcore raiding with some organised pvp and RP on the side.

check out our recruitment post here.

I’ll bookmark this for future reference.

If you are not set on ally, feel free to join us over at <The Oran’Thul>

just as a question for your guild. it says you intend to have 2 40 man hardcore raid teams, correct? how do you plan to combat the “death Spiral” and retain your bare minimum 40 players for both teams for the long haul?

Furthermore, how will your guild be supporting each team? is it going to be a Main team and B team type thing? or are they equal? in both situations what will stop the B team from splitting from your guild to form their own Hardcore raiding guild?

Man you seems like such a good asset to any guilds that I hope you find one that suits you. When classic launches I plan on making one on ally with a focus on raiding for the players that are new or didn’t get a chance to do it in vanilla. Eastern too so I wish I could snag you but I don’t have any solid information yet so I won’t be much help.

Best of luck to you :slight_smile:

Such a shame… You seem like a great guy. Was getting hyped up just reading your post if I am being 100% honest.

Too bad you are going alliance. If you change your mind - hit me up.

Not sure to tell you the truth, that’s something you would have to ask the GM Nekrage about.
For any questions, please contact Nekrage#0108, Harley#6383, or Buckykat#9084 on Discord.
They would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Still looking. Thanks everyone so far that’s pointed me at potential guilds!

If you’re not set on Alliance, I would like to introduce Bourbon Raiders. We are a casual Family-oriented guild recruiting for classic. Our guild website is: bourbonraiders.guildlaunch.(com). If interested, you can reach me on my battletag: Breakout#1905, or on discord: Algammon#1375.

We may be a fit for you!

NA-PvP Server | Alliance | Casually-Hardcore | EPGP Loot System | Thursday & Sunday Main Raid | Saturday Flexible Raid

“Alright adventurers, the time for greatness is quickly approaching! Join with us to protect Azeroth. Grab your sword and fight the Horde!”

We are an Alliance (NA) Guild that will be formed on a PvP realm at launch. We are a group of real-life friends and coworkers looking to build a fun and productive group of people that want to enjoy everything Classic WoW has to offer - from raiding to world PvP and battlegrounds, maybe a sprinkle of role-play to top it all off. We have experienced raiders from every expansion to noobies to Classic WoW. We plan on low pressure leveling - I mean lets stop and smell the roses, right? Although, I know there will be a few of us that will waste no time getting to level 60, we will not expect that from everyone. Once level 60, we will have our focus on farming Pre-BIS gear, maxing our professions, ranking up from honor farming, and helping guildies to reach level 60. Our goal is to progress through all raid and PvP content.

Main Raid Times
→ 7pm to 11pm (PST/PDT)
→ 9pm to 1am (CST/CDT)
→ 10pm to 2am (EST/EDT)

→ 6pm to 10pm (PST/PDT)
→ 8pm to 12am (CST/CDT)
→ 9pm to 1am (EST/EDT)

Flexible Raid Times
→ 8pm to 12am (PST/PDT)
→ 10pm to 2am (CST/CDT)
→ 11pm to 3am (EST/EDT)

Flexible Raid is where we can have some fun and raid World Dragons, 20 mans, character alt runs or whatever - unless more time is needed for raid progression on Saturday.

Loot System

Contact us
If this sounds like a group you could have some laughs with while slaughtering world dragons, raid bosses, and flight masters, apply or contact us with any questions.

Discord: Ice9#4515