Lf Casual guild

Started fresh on Misha because I thought I found a group of people to play with. I was mistaken.
Looking for a guild to call home. Currently an Alliance. Would like to stay Alliance but will go back to Horde if I find the right guild. Will be starting fresh on a new server, if i dont find one on Misha, so I wont be getting into raiding anytime soon.

Im normally a Pally main though I am thinking about giving Hunter, Shaman and Demon Hunter a try. I also wouldnt mind getting into PvP and learning how to tank. I normally just do rep grinds and mount farms since I usually play Solo.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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Hi Jerza :slight_smile:

Heartbreakers is recruiting in preparation for 8.2! If you’re looking for a balance between content progression and a fun guild Heartbreakers is the guild for you.

Heartbreakers is a friendly Heroic/Mythic Raiding guild. Our goal for every raid is to have AOTC and some Mythic boss progression whilst maintaining a positive, fun, welcoming and friendly atmosphere with many members in guild chat throughout the day and evening. On off days many of our members are doing arenas, battlegrounds, m+s both lower keys and higher keys, running old raids and hanging out in discord.Many of the players in the guild are players who have played the game since TBC and have played alongside each other since then in much of the content.

Our raid team progression and raid days/times are as follows:

9/9H 1/9M 1/2H (Tuesday and Thursday 9pm to 11pm EST)

What we are looking for:

DPS/Heals in preparation for 8.2. Core spots available. In need of dependable DPS.

M+ Players, priority on healers.

Dependable players with good attitudes, raiders and casual players alike. Players who are looking for a long term guild to call home and enjoy both the game content and experience along with the social aspect of the game.

Add my bnet yrreg4791#1858, I look forward to talking to you and possibly raiding with you! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the response Yrreg. How is the server to play on?

No problem Jerza :slight_smile: I like the server quite a bit, healthy population and economy :slight_smile:

Awesome. I might have to check you guys out!

Check us out we are recruiting for raid and mythic +

Still looking for a guild to call home. Faction doesnt matter to me. Currently looking to get into progression raiding and some arena PvP. Will be starting fresh on a new server. Thank you :slight_smile:

Hello Jerza! Picc#1316 here.

Righteous Indignation on Korialstrasz is recruiting! We’re 7/8N and 3/8H (planning to get N Azshara down soon), raiding on Saturday & Sunday evenings (9:30 PM-1 AM and 9:30 PM-12 AM Eastern time, respectively). We’re fun and social, typically aiming for AOTC (heroic clear) each tier and occasionally dabbling in mythic. Food/flasks/repairs are provided. We also run a lot of keystones. Several of us dabble in PVP at the end of tiers or expansions.

Feel free to reply here or send me a message on bnet if you’d like to learn more!

Sweet! I might have to check you guys out! Thanks

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Hey, Jerza!

Can’t find a guild in which to settle down? No Place Like Gnome is currently recruiting new members!

No Place Like Gnome of Dalaran [A] is a social guild with active members. We have a relaxed raid team with a progression mindset (AotC each tier during BoD), run weekly M+, have die hard wPVP fanatics, do achievement runs, run off-the-wall guild events, and more! We are actively recruiting new members for our raid team to fill out our roster for Eternal Palace. We are currently:
8/8H, 1/8M Uldir
9/9 H, 1/9M BoD
2/2H CoS
3/8H EP
and looking to continue our AOTC streak with EP!

Raid Days/Times: Friday and Saturday 9:00pm-12:00am EST (server time)

Current Raid Needs: If you aren’t a class/spec that we are currently looking for but think we would be a good fit, please send a message! We are currently in the works of adding another raid night to our lineup and we will be recruiting people to help fill out the roster for that night soon!
Tank (highest priority)
rDPS (Mage - high priority)
mDPS (lower priority)
heals (lowest priority)

M+ Needs: ALL, though tanks and healers are our current highest priority

Not interested in raiding or M+? No problem! Casual members are always welcome!

Message me if you have any questions and/or are interested:
Bnet: Rory#11526
Discord: Rory#0376

If you are still Looking.

Armageddon Industries
Adult (ages 21+, 30+ preferred) Heroic AotC & M+ guild.
**T/Th 11pm-2am EST. **

Highest needed classes at this time are: Mage, Hunter, Paladin, Death Knight, Monk.

We do meta achieves when they are current, xmog/mount/achievement farming, and have a high desire to push more M+ this season.
We also have a Destiny 2 clan that is pretty active and have plans for WoW classic.

For more info see our current recruitment post.

Guild Master / Raid Lead
bnet = Armageddon#1974
discord = Skybolt#2791

Recruitment Officer
Battletag ID - Mirielle#1541
Discord ID - Miriel#2724

Hello jerza im with Dauntless a fun progressive raiding guild. We are horde. We are currently looking for players who like to do guild activities like raiding. Our players chat often, group often, and still get raid bosses down. We have achieved aotc each raid for many expansions. Raid nights are tues weds thurs 10pm est. Add me to get more info twisted#1245

Hello hello,
Let us know if we interest you!

Order of Azeroth is a brand new alliance guild aspiring to create a community with a focus on PVE.

US- Kel-Thuzad

We are a small band of players that have played since launch. We are looking to expand into more competitive content and as such are looking for raiders.

Why join OA?
Being a brand new guild means the new members dictate the future of the guild. A sense of closer camaraderie exists in small scale guilds that doesn’t exist in large-scale guilds that new members essentially feel alienated from. We are not looking to get ‘large’ but are looking for enough members to maintain and create a growing community.

Raid Times:
There are no current raid times listed. Schedule is open for new members.

Preferred Requirements:
There are no current gear requirements. The only requirement is having the capacity to learn.

Spots available:
All spots are currently available.

We expect our members to be mature but above all else remember that this is indeed a game. The ultimate goal is to have fun with each other. That being said, there is a time and a place for making jokes and sharing memes and another time for listening to the officers in a raid. The main expectation then is to know the difference. Have an open mind, respect each other, and have fun building a community.

How to apply?
Message Unasapres or join our discord channel to learn more about us.