LF Casual [A] Raiding Guild - 1 night/week

TL;DR edit: Raid availability 1 (maybe 2) nights/week after 10pm EST. RP lvl low, but willing to grow.

Greetings, BB!

After finding an awesome guild pre-launch, I rolled on a PVP server despite not enjoying PVP. Upon the announcement that Phase 2 will be released next week, I have made the difficult decision to change servers. A role-playing server would have been my first choice at launch so I am hoping now to find a new guild on BB that fits me [nearly] as well as my current one.

RAIDING: I would have difficulty committing to more than one night/week (Friday nights would be ideal), but could probably make two nights work provided that one of those days was Friday. I also live in mountain time, so a west coast based guild that that is most active starting around 10-10:30pm server time would be best. I try to be flexible but I’m in my 40s now so staying up past my bedtime has become difficult. :slight_smile:

RP: Although I have not participated in extensive RP, my characters all tend to develop their own personas over time. I would like to begin engaging in this aspect more as I believe it will keep the game fresh and fun and contribute to the long-term health of this server.

I am a Horde vet who got three toons to 60 pre-BC (warrior, mage, hunter). Over the last 15 years, my primary role has been to tank. This time, I want to experience the game differently, thus: Alliance healer. I hope to bring him to this server when/if paid transfers are made available.

I did not get to experience any of the raids in Vanilla and I really want to this time around. While I would prefer to be a part of a group that is starting all the raid content fresh, I don’t mind starting out as an alternate for an established unit when I get to 60. The ultimate goal is playing with good people who don’t take themselves or the game too seriously. My philosophy when it comes to loot is something along the lines of “have fun, kill bosses, and the loot takes care of itself.”

Would love to chat with anyone who thinks I might be a good fit. Discord is the best way to get ahold of me as I am connected to it 24/7: warcraftbeer#0320


Still looking for a guild on BB that fits this kind of schedule (i.e., 1 night/week starting around 10pm server time, RP lvl TBD). If they open up transfers next week, I might be interested in starting up a guild with some help. Ping me on Discord if this appeals to you.

Wouldn’t plan to start raiding until sometime after the new year so plenty of time to get the wheels off the ground.

:frowning: WoW Classic Update Schedule and Free Character Moves

I’d like to renew my interest in a guild that raids 1-2 nights a week starting at 10-10:30 server time.