Hi all. Searching for a guild since my old one didn’t fit my needs anymore. I play shadow priest, warrior, and monk. Can play others possibly. Searching for a guild that’s more of a home rather than a place to raid log. I love high keys and raiding but also do lots of pvp and achievement runs. I have AOTC in ny alotha and Castle Nathria and also went 4/12M in ny alotha. Reach out @ CareFae#1642 on bnet. Would preferably tank if possible. Faction and server change is an option. Thanks all!

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Hi Marlean, Sent you a btag friend request. Look forward to hearing from you.

Hello I created a new guild, the Divine Phoenix if you would like to grow with a new guild. We are looking for officers. We are looking to do end content and PVP :slight_smile: We are on Silvermoon

I don’t know if you have any interest in Alliance, but I could use a good dps player that is willing to backup tank every once in a while. Same time, I’m losing a Windwalker Monk to a role change, so I’m in the market for a good Windwalker or Warrior, as you prefer.

I’m raid leader for a semi-casual/semi-serious AOTC group, currently 10/10H and building up our roster after Real Life took a few of my members the last week or so. We’re intentionally a smaller, more close knit group with an emphasis on playing well, but having fun by actually clearing content at our own pace. Respect is a big thing for my team, but having a laid-back attitude and having fun is as well. Some of us burned out on doing the whole “Mythic” level of raiding and now just happy with pushing AOTC each tier and calling it good. We do push M+ runs for those interested, but admittedly, with things being what they are until next patch, the interest in PVP isn’t really there.

I’m reaching out over Bnet and love to talk more if interested! I’ve got my group’s information below as well.

Battlenet: Chaoswhite#1873
Discord: Sin#9334

-Respec- is an AOTC-focused Raiding guild based out of Blade’s Edge - currently 10/10 H Castle Nathria with eyes on Sanctum of Domination (9.1)!

Our members are all veteran raiders with a focus on completing each raid tier on Normal and Heroic while the content is relevant. We believe in good class play and teamwork to overcome all raid challenges. We’re also a group of laid-back nerdy types that believe in having fun over toxic/elitist personalities - while getting the job done. In addition to raiding, we like to run high M+ keys with our interested raiders throughout the week!

  • Current Progression: 10/10 H Castle Nathria
  • We raid on Friday and Sunday Evenings!
  • Raid Times: Fridays @ 9-12 PM EST / 8-11 PM CST / 7-10 PM MST / 6-9 PM PST -AND- Sundays @ 8-11 EST / 7-10 CST / 6-9 MST / 5-8 PST (an hour earlier than Friday)
  • Mythic+ Keys throughout the week (runs organized via Discord)

NOTE: We DO NOT expect a server transfer or joining our guild if you are happy where you are! Since we only raid up to Heroic content, we actively use a cross-realm community to keep our players together!

The kind of people that would enjoy and excel in our group are players who prefer smaller raid sizes with a chill atmosphere, but enjoy good class play and working towards that next kill for AOTC. Our current raiders are all veterans across multiple expansions, but big on being Nerdy, LGBTQ+ Friendly, Couple Friendly, and overall just having fun. And for those that like to jump into a bit of M+ action, we try to organize high key runs for as many raiders as interested per week.

Ultimately, while we believe we’re a good fit for anybody who enjoys playing the game well in a challenging raid environment, we believe that pugging in and raiding with us for yourself is the best way to see what we’re all about. I welcome anybody interested to hit me up on Discord or Battlenet and let’s talk about joining us on Friday night. As long as you can play your class, we can explain the fights and make it work!


Disorientated is looking to round out our roster for 9.1 and good be a great fit. Any of the classes you listed would be welcome (should be some offtank opportunity throughout the summer).

Check out the linked post and get in touch if you want to chat more!

Hey Marlean, i added you on Btag, but here is some info on us.

We are Do Not Release on the Horde side of Winterhoof.

We are a AOTC and KSM focused guild, with casual Mythic progression. We aim to clear about 4+ Mythic bosses a tier, with emphasis on the casual part.

We are 3/10 Mythic and have AOTC on farm, our raid days are:

Tuesday and Wednesday 8:30pm – 11:30 pm EST.

A few things about our officers: Our GM and Raid leader Huntandprey is a former CE raider that fell in love with our group of raiders and never looked back. Our Heal lead Smallsu/Smallsy is one of the most solid healers you will be blessed to play with. Our banker Phantora is a bit on the young side but is one of the guilds top DPS and makes sure the bank is always stocked with anything a raider might need for progression or dungeons. Tal is one of our healers and DPS that is usually around to help with keys or what ever else is needed and is responsible for passing out loot in raids.

We are recruiting for active raid spots. We are looking for people who will be around and will contribute and help each other out. We have a highly active guild and discord for anyone looking to join us.

We are specifically looking for a: Shadow Priest, Resto Shaman, and any other strong DPS and Healers that would like to regularly clear Heroic and casually progress into Mythic.

You can reach our officers on discord at:


Battlenet at:


Yea y’all kicked me a while back with no reason, so no thanks. I asked why and couldn’t get a reply out of you

Hey Marlean,

I sent you a btag request. I’d love the opportunity to chat with you.

I’m easier to reach on discord if you want to add me there as well! Letholas#9581!

Talk soon

Hi! If you need a cozy new guild home, join us in Epicdawn on Zangarmarsh. I can message you our discord so you can hang out and get to know us.

Hi there Mãrlean!

Check out Murloc Madness! We are a casual heroic only guild that aims for AOTC every tier while maintaining a relaxed, fun and positive atmosphere. We have been successful in achieving our goals since Legion. Hope to hear from you and best of luck in your search!

<Murloc Madness>
About Us: <Murloc Madness> is a casual heroic weekend raiding guild located on Area 52. When we’re not raiding, our members are hanging out in Discord playing various games together or just chatting.
Raid Schedule: Friday 10pm-1am EST & Saturday 10pm-1am EST
Progression: 10/10H CN | All BfA & Legion AOTC
More Info: https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/area-52/Murloc+Madness
Website: Apply at https://murlocmadness.enjin.com/

Officer: Aszuna (Discord: Aszuna#8963)
Spread the Madness!

Still searching

Nice to meet you Mãrlean!

After reading your interests, I’m thinking my current guild would be a great place to make home.

We are ALMOST AOTC!! (9/10) We are still progressing but looking forward to 9.1 soon! We could also be open to a tank role as some of our current guildies would be more than happy to switch around roles sometimes. Let me know if you are interested. Below is just our little spiel!

White Lotus on Illidan is recruiting for Shadowlands! We’ are an active, LGBTQ+ friendly, and helpful guild that is trying to make it’s way through SL and move into 9.1. Our current raid time is Fri 8-11pm EST (5-8pm PST), with an additional second time of Tuesday’s 9pm-12am EST (6-9pm PST), we are progressing on Heroic Sire Denathrius. Other than raiding, we also do mount runs, achievements, m+, Torghast, you name it!

For our raid team we are looking for DPS but are welcoming anyone, at any level, to join our community! We have a spot for everyone. Join us on discord (ask for link) or reach out on BattleNet to our Guild Master, Kretyn#1728 or myself, amyag#1972. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Discord username: amy#2891

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We are currently recruiting for 9.1, a tank spot could be open for the right player. We are a KSM guild and pushing AOTC this tier after a very late start. We are active and have been around for over 10 years with many players here since inception. We are currently recruiting hard for the next tier.

We are an active and friendly guild that is willing to help new and old players alike. We foster a positive and drama free atmosphere and have low tolerance for anything else. Many of our players have been around since Vanilla and are willing to help with all aspects of the game.

If this sounds like something you would like to try contact;

Sylvysa in game

Hi Marlean, Just sent you a B-Tag friend request. Look forward to talking with you.

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