LF an RP home

Short version: European moved IRL, starting afresh on US servers, could do with some help finding a guild.

Hello there general kenobi . So I’m brand new to Wyrmrest Accord having actually emmigrated IRL from Europe to Japan which means my time zone is completely out of whack for playing with my EU buddies but a bit better for US time zones so I’m starting out afresh.

I do not have a dang clue what RP is like on Wyrmrest Accord other than “It’s the closest the US servers have to Argent Dawn” which is the major EU RP server. I do not even have a character in mind as I’d like to find a guild if possible first. I prefer to make a character for a specific guild rather than make a character only to then try and shoehorn it into a guild afterwards since you know, your guild is who you’re going to be spending most of your time with and I’m super flexible when it comes to my characters as I still have a 110 boost from rebuying the game all over again and I’m no stranger to WoW or RP or both.

If anyone just fancies a chat or could help point me in the right direction please do hit me up.


Hey! Welcome to Wyrmrest Accord!

I’m super jealous you got to move to Japan, as that is #1 on my list of places I want to visit. Congrats to you!!!

First off, our server has a Guild Directory of the active guilds on our server, but the Alliance’s is less populated, as I made it probably a year after the Horde’s. Feel free to check both out though!

WrA has some amazing guilds, as well as a wonderful community IMO.

I also must link my own guild’s forum post, as we’re starting out and need more friends/peeps to flesh out our RP plans!

Either way, I hope you enjoy your time with us here, and find a great guild home! If you need anything in-game, let me know! It’s easiest to just message me on discord: Shay#4167


Shay’s on it tonight, so let me just say, welcome to the WrA!


Welcome to wyrmrest accord, Can’t really make any suggestions for alliance side rp guilds as I don’t play my alliance much anymore. there definitely are rp guilds to be had.

I will say shaylins guild is a great choice if your willing to play horde as are guilds such as skyrunner tribe, scarred blade clan, the volkar legion, skyheart tribe and several others I forget.




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my hecking glasses weren’t on :stuck_out_tongue: