LF Alliance side RP guild

Hello all! Like the title says Im looking for an alliance side rp guild. Ive been really struggling because of my work schedule. When do have time to get on to play Im usually on between 8-9pm CDT (server time) to about 10-11am. I don’t have a huge amount of specifications because of how much trouble Ive had looking for people to hang out with overnights but my main focus is rp and the occasional M+ dungeon. Any help finding a guild of cool people that fits that would be appreciated greatly!

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Hey there!
So The Consortiums has ended as a military/trade and I am turning it into an event planning Social RP guild. (Even gonna rename it)

Basically, a guild that focuses on planning and hosting Public (Server Wide) Combat and Social Events on a large scale, and offering our services to other guilds to help them plan any Combat or Social events they have in mind.

Event Planners as officers, half focused on Planning Social Events and the other half focused on planning Combat events. And then non-combat rank for characters that wish to focus catering during events, like cooks, waitresses, pages, merchants, dancers, etc. . Another rank for Combat focused characters , like guards and folks that like to partake and fighting events. Then finally a newmember/alt rank

And yes we are also working on making a mythic plus five man team!

If you feel like this sounds fun to you hit me up in game! <3

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Would love to have you. Lots of RP elements to work with. Message me on Deviate Delight

The Redridge Irregulars are recruiting too! We’ve got a strong (casual) M+ presence and we’re ramping up for more RP sessions right now.

The Grimorium Vellum has many contacts within the community. I’m not going into much more detail, if you are interested OOCly in a guild that only wants to be 10 members large and a Family (not biologically). Let me know OOCly in a whisper. I’ll find a reason to walk up, or you can.