LF Alliance AotC/Mythic Guild (Transfer)

Paladin Tank/BM Hunter looking for an Alliance AotC/Mythic Raiding Guild. Willing to transfer if the right opportunity presents itself.

Typically able to Raid at/after 5:00pm HST/8:00pm PST/9:00pm MST/10:00pm CST/11:00pm EST on weekdays and anytime on weekends due to my time difference (Hawaii).

I am currently the Main Tank/Recruitment Officer/Assistant Raid Leader/Mythic Plus Lead for a consistent Heroic AotC Guild. Looking for a change and to jump back into Mythic Raiding if a good opportunity presents itself.

I also have other 120s, however, #1 Pally Tank and #2 BM Hunter are my preference for Shadowlands. #3 Ele Shaman, #4 DH Tank, #5 Frost Mage, #6 Boomkin, #7 Warlock, #8 SPriest, and #9 Warrior Tank.

Discord - Devils#3346
Btag - Devils#11859

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Hey, we aren’t really in need of a tank but we would love a Hunter if transferring is an option. We’re a semi-hardcore guild on Alliance Turalyon that raids Tues/Weds from 8-11 pm EST, we aren’t a hardcore CE guild but we like to have a fun chill environment to raid in while also getting serious when needed. If this sounds at all what you’re looking for and times/days aren’t a problem please fill an app on our guild site to get in contact which will be linked in our info; hope to hear from you!

Info: [A] <Chaotic Neutral> Recruiting for Shadowlands!
Gm Btag: Wandappy#1921

Thank you. The time doesn’t work for me. Looking for something at or after 5:00pm HST/8:00pm PST/9:00pm MST/10:00pm CST/11:00pm EST during the weekdays and anytime on the weekends.

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