LF 2 dps for M+ group (low-mid 20s)

Hey y’all!

Team She Does Defend You is looking to start pushing M+ in Season 4 and we need 2 dps!

Here’s a bit about us:

We are…

  • Inclusive & Friendly - We’re LGBT+/Allies and progressive - We want to group with people who we can see ourselves forming lasting friendships with, so basic human respect is a must for us. We’re the type of people who have met up in the past at BlizzCon, “guild camp”, and just casual visits.

  • Mature - We like to have fun and will buckle down during keys to make the most of the time we have in a given week/evening.

  • Between Casual-Midcore - We want to take our time seriously and push as far as we can. Our experience has been uppter-teens to low 20s with an end-season goal of mid 20s. Wipes and failing keys are a part of the process, so we want someone who comes in with a positive mindset and won’t be too upset with those setbacks. TLDR: Come in wanting to push, but not wanting to be MDI.

  • Working professionals, students, and/or parents - We’re busy and put life first, and will do what we can to make sure we can group up at least 1 day a week. There may be sporadic weeks where schedules don’t align, so please be okay with that. If you’re someone who only has WoW and are reliant on others filling your schedule, we’re just not the group for you.

You should also:

  • Be all of the above

  • Be willing to put the work in to grow as a team - Please recognize that team synergy comes over time and be ready to help create that environment. We will not be pusing +20 our first week together. If you’re one who wants to hop after a couple of failed keys, we aren’t the right group for you.

  • Be knowledgeable - class, spec, M+ basics - Know how you contribute to a group, more-so from a role perspective. If you’re a warlock, you should be familiar with portal skips. If you’re a rogue, we should be able to count on you for skips and additional CCs. Basic understanding of your class, spec, and available dungeons is a must.

  • Not be raiding more than 6hrs a week - We are a group of ex-raiders, and understand that raiding take away from availability. Due to our own limited schedules and availability, we prefer someone who is not raiding at all, but will accept someone who raids 6hrs or less per week.

  • Be generally available for evening/late-night gaming (6pm-10:00pm PST) - We are all from different areas of the US, so our timezone planning is essential. The latest we would go would be 1am EST on a given night. The earlier we can get started, the better.

  • Be open to a flexible schedule - Work schedules, class homework, and baby/kid aggro all affect our schedules from week to week. We’re looking for someone who isn’t going to depend on a fixed day every single week to run keys. While that’d be ideal, it’s just unlikely given our busy lives.

  • Have M+ experience - We also ask that you have established history of M+, with at least 1 season of KSM under your belt.

For the group, we are looking for 2 dps. We don't subscribe to the meta, and our only ask is that you play whatever spec you're most comfortable with and play it well.

Our current comp is:

Blood DK - Brewmaster Monk alt
Resto Shaman - Holy Priest alt
Marksmanship Hunter - Arcane Mage alt
1 melee dps
1 melee or ranged dps

Our preferred times are: (20:00-01:00 EDT/EST) & (17:00 - 22:00 PDT/PST)

Check out our RaiderIO recruitment profile, here: https://raider.io/teams/us/she-does-defend-you/recruitment

If you’re interested in meeting the group and doing a few trial runs, please don’t hesitate to add me on Discord: Fried#5654