Leveling via Dungeons in Shadowlands

Forcing us to do all the quests wow

Logically it makes sense. It don’t bother me one bit.

Idk I like it.

This is one of the only changes I’ve seen where the majority approves. Nice job Blizz, I’d say this was a good move. Shadowlands is shaping up nicely.


They’re most likely doing it to keep people from skipping out on leveling to spam dungeons until max, which usually isn’t efficient. Though, back when Classic first launched, almost every top speed leveler was abusing dungeon mechanics except one lonesome mage named Jokerd.

Just an assumption though.

Yes. Those players who wish for their alt characters to experience the quests as their first character did, can do so.

Threads of Fate exists for players who only wanted to experience it once (or twice or however many times they already did it), and with Threads of Fate, you can queue all four dungeons freely from the start.


This is such a bad change…


Good change.


Can’t have it both ways it would seem. Either have everything unlocked via Threads of Fate, or nothing unlocked the normal route.

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Thanks for the clarification. :+1:

Is there a reason for this? As someone who prefers to mix questing and dungeon grinding, this is seems like a pretty lousy change… if it’s a nerf to speed leveling, why not reduce dungeon xp instead of going nuclear?

I’m sure you’ll survive


You don’t HAVE to queue for a dungeon until your character progresses through the quest chain.

This seems like a poor change that limits players’ options, for no real good reason.


Absolutely insane to make a change like this 3 hours before launch.

I’m sure I will too! But thanks for the passive aggressive encouragement.

Love this!!!

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good move, blizzard, i’m starting to not recognize you!

as someone who likes to mix leveling with the occasional dungeon this change is not welcome.


Makes sense. :+1:


Agreed. I get not wanting to level in dungeons, but this would be like first week in BFA if I picked Stormsong to level in and my guildmate picked Drustvar and then asked me to go help him in the dungeon there I wouldn’t be able to because I hadn’t done any quests in Drustvar.