Leveling still too slow

The info presented here that says XP wasn’t changed clashes with this thread: UPDATED 10/7: New Beta Tester: Experience Gains

Please review and report back. It sounds like potentially late-leveling XP might have been adjusted while the early portion was left the way it is.

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Apologies, I did not see this thread was updated.

true, warmode was a very good option to resolve that issue, but does it really deserve a 30% boost to XP, and only for alliance?

ie, what issue is that 30% boost meant to resolve? do alliance have an XP issue that horde do not?

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It’s set to 30% for Alliance because of how Horde-dominant WM is, the idea being better rewards to offset the added inconvenience.

so alliance spend a third of their time levelling (when WM is enabled) getting the ever loving crap kicked out of them?

i cant imagine being ganked for an hour in a 3 hour levelling session, that would have me disable war mode no matter how much i loved pvp

i guess the question becomes, why grant an XP boost instead of just telling them to turn off WM or live with the consequences of world pvp? isnt that why WM exists, so you can experience world pvp - the good and the bad.


i was seeing 10k+ from 58-59 in the previous build with WM on. I dont believe its been modified

OMG this. I went back to turn in my Bastion dungeon quest & found 2 Wanted posters. One was green & the other grey. The green mob was incredibly easy to kill for me (at level 55) but the grey one? Killed me TWICE before I got it down.

Also this. There’s no debuff on me, nor is there any indication of something ticking my health away, it’s just dropping & then I’m dead. Can’t even find a reason in my combat log.

It does, but the scale is DOWNWARD rather than upward.

Yes, but there are less players who actually enjoy PvP than the devs thought. For some reason, they also think that trying to force people into flagging will MAKE them enjoy it.

I have a question though. Started a Pre-made 50 and was just 54 when I went to Maldraxxus. I remembered obtaining quests to kill Gorebeak & uhhh… The other bird, the one with the whistle to call it, prior to the wipe but did NOT see those quests offered before I left for Maldraxxus. When I returned to turn in the dungeon quest, I saw the wanted poster & did those two quests. My zone completion for Bastion is 4/6 chapters - I went all over that zone, collected the flight paths and got the chieve for discovery. However, now that I’m in Maldraxxus, I’ve been sent to The Maw & I have a zone completion THERE of 6/7 chapters. Is that right? Should I have completed Bastion or at least have 5/6 chapters complete?

Finally, to say that the curve gets steeper as you change zones is a HUGE understatement. My character went from 50-54 in The Maw/Bastion, but isn’t even 1/4 into 55 with Maldraxxus nearly complete. That isn’t even a curve anymore, it just literally shot straight upward when I left Bastion & entered Maldraxxus. I had NO rested in Bastion, but a tiny bit in Maldraxxus. I also did 3 dungeons (did the Plague one twice) while leveling in Maldraxxus. I’m afraid to enter Ardenweald because at this rate it feels like I’ll start LOSING xp rather than gaining it…


omg don’t give them ideas. Dark Age of Camelot actually removed XP every time you died, all the way back to the beginning of a level. It got so bad, they made it so at higher levels, deaths would only drop you to 50% through the level instead of all the way to 0%.

Sadly, this is true. I tried another 50-60 run with only story quests yesterday and got stuck again in Ardenweald well short of 56 by the time I reached the Dreamer chapters. I noticed that all the Ardenweald story quests were giving 7250-7650 XP per quest at 54/55. That’s absurd when you consider that Maldraxxus starts by giving out that same amount of XP when you’re in the 52-54 range. By the end of that zone, the XP has gone up to about 9k per quest but then you jump over to Ardenweald and the story quests magically lose 2k+ XP per quest in a zone intended to be for higher level players. It makes zero sense.

Well theres now a buff on beta - XP Adjustment which adjusts quest experience by 40%!

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As we work through issues that are making leveling through Ardenweald and Revendreth slower than intended, we’ve seen some Beta testers reach a point where they have to spend extra time finding XP in order to complete the Revendreth campaign.

We’re creating a more comprehensive fix, and that’s going to take a few days, but in the meantime, this is a Beta hotfix that boosts quest experience in Ardenweald and Revendreth, so that testers can have a smoother leveling experience in the meantime.


Thank you!!! THANK YOU.

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Great news. And thanks for all the increased communication since the delay announcement. People are noticing, and it’s super appreciated.


Thank you so much for noticing, and for letting us know the status!


So just to clear things up:

We are supposed to hit 60 by just doing Story quests/campaign?

As in that is the Goal.


the buff is 40% to exp?! How is it that much? Who have you got doing the math on quest exp?

It’s 40% in Ardenweald and Revendreth, which should be exactly what’s needed to hit 60 without the need for warmode, grinding, or side quests.

I’m testing it now, but I’m only into Bastion.


I may have messed up when I brought my warlock over today I picked the threads of fate line. Instead of the story line.

Thanks so much about communicating that

Thank you for the clarification here it is extremely appreciated and thank you for fixing it soon!