Leveling still too slow

Breath dude, 0 chance this ships with ONLY THE HORDE having to do 2 1/2 levels of solid grinding to hit 60.

I with your logic i guess no alt is ever going to get their Maldraxxus ability? We are going to have Wormholes coming out of our butts all expac?

Guess i better just cancel my sub now…

Or you can just say, “hey there isnt enough exp in the Campaign w/ warmode off, feels bad man.” There’s also like, everyone else playing the game saying the same thing so, there is that. If you even bothered to look at the forums you would know, everyone hates the changes made in the last few builds to the exp gains and want them reverted to the way they were before… you don’t have to come up with a fantasy about how 30% = 30% and they must be forcing us into Alliance and War Mode because again you have some weirdo fantasy about being forced into pvp.

not on the new build its not it feels like regular wow now…its not rushed but you can tell they want to get you to 50 at a decent pace… so I disagree, I am playing on the ptr new build that just came out 09/11… I went from 1-20 pretty smoothly

The problem isn’t 1-50. The problem is 50-60.

Bastion is fine – fast, even, since the story quests go green while you’re still doing them.

Maldraxxus is where it gets sketchy. You start losing out on XP, and eventually you’re only 55 and faced with a gated quest that requires 56. So you have to hearth out (you’re literally locked in the Seat of the Primus and the door won’t open until 56) and grind to 56.

(Strangely, a lot of Maldraxxus quest rewards were lower ilevel than Bastion quest rewards.)

Ardenweald gets even worse. The XP from quests just isn’t there.

I got to Revendreth and was still 56, which is where the problems really kick in. Quest rewards require level 57. That’s when I realized I was in trouble. I had to go back to earlier zones, where I discovered side quests were giving negligible XP – as in, counted in the hundreds, not the thousands.

And then you finish the available Revendreth story quests… and you’re nowhere near 60. The Prince has a gray ! and you’re left with a choice: grind (not fun), do too-low-level quests for negligible XP (not fun), or come to the forums and report it as a bug/problem, which is how we’ve ended up with so many of these threads.


Leveling speed is fine the issue you run into is you run out of quests before you hit 60 if you don’t run dungeons. Most people will be able to hit max level in a week or less while more casual players will take a couple weeks.

I have levelled to 60 recently. I was well over 54 after Bastion and was starting to wonder what the problem was. When I finished maldraxxis was was 60k xp short of 56 and had to grind out that xp to get to 56 - the last quest to finish that zone required level 56. Then I was over 58 after finishing the third zone having done every quest I could find. I was about 100k xp short in order to get the final quests which have a level 60 requirement in the final zone. Again I ground that out. I am not a herbalist or miner, I did no dungeons - and there was one quest for 5 people in maldraxxus I did not do.

I feel like the easiest solution because what happens is as you get to the third and fourth zone, you’re still getting level 51~ equivalent in experience per quest… but now you have 3-4x the amount of experience needed… so basically the quests need to just give you more experience later to compensate for that gap.

Not even close, the XP from dungeons =/= the 2 million missing XP


Leveling does seem slow but I think that’s the point. You get to experience all 4 zones in 10 levels before having to pick which covenant you want to go with.

The pacing is off, I think- on my current leveling character, I skipped some side quests in Bastion because they were already green to me and I didn’t want to break away from the main quest storyline. That same character just left Ardenweald at 57 and a half bar of XP- which would be right on pace, but that’s with rested XP nearly all the time.
If Shadowlands is like previous expansions, there should be enough experience from questing alone to hit max level, without any bonuses (from rest, war mode, or anywhere else) and without dungeon runs. There’s certainly time to tweak the XP to level, but at the moment in beta it doesn’t seem like there’s enough, particularly if you miss a side quest.


I completely agree the xp needs to be buffed. I ran through on my shaman the entire story line and all side quests including the end of zone dungeon quests and ended up at 59 1/2 unable to complete the story line due to having to be 60. Had to grind dungeons to hit 60 and finish the story line quest. I’d rather have half a zone to go and be 60 than have to grind dungeons to hit max level.


Just to add to the original post I made, based on general consensus in the replies. It is evident and clear we need these xp values changed. Majority of replies show that some people are getting to 58 or 59 and 1/2 and unable to hit 60 other than through dungeons. This cannot be intended. Let’s hope they’re reading this and hopefully fixing it in the next build?


The problem starts getting noticeable post maldraxxus.

Another issue atm is you cant test the leveling experience once you have one 60.

You CAN test the leveling experience on alts with the latest build as you can select the linear path for leveling once you exit the Maw.

Does it make it the initial scaling or the 50-60 for all zones?

I started another alt last night and it looks like the initial scaling with the linear path chosen. You cannot get into the other 3 zones until you finish the story for the previous zone (I just opened Maldraxxus).

Bumping this back up since it is still a problem and bugs are being reported about needing to be 56 to finish the Seat of the Primus quests to even continue further.

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It’s been almost a month and still no changes on this to make the flow a lot better. With the announcement today that SL is now delayed. I REALLY hope we’re getting about a 150k xp nerf in the 56-60 range now. Please Blizz, you’re listening. Listen now! Thank you!


There’s apparently no XP fix. You still hit the high 50s and run out of story quests. :frowning:


I agree. I levelled full rested after Bastion no war mode and got stuck three bars from 58 needing 60 to complete the main story. I’m happy they’ve delayed the release but in that announcement they also said they were happy with the levelling experience. For the record, I’m very not happy with the levelling experience. Please fix it.


This still really needs to be addressed. It’s miserable.