Leveling is bugged

Not just one quest here and there, but a solid 1/4th of the quests throughout legion, and draenor and just bugged. Faulty routing, NPC glitches, etc. This game has been out for 20 years, they squished all the content, and now none of it works properly.

I just leveled a character through Legion and had none of these issues.

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Lucky you. Multiple quests where cannons were bugged, quest givers were dissapeared, and navigation bugged.

Not that I’m defending them (because there are so many problems) but it’s probably due to them running code that is 17+ years old. Every time they change something, the interaction with the layers upon layers of old code breaks something else. Things that don’t seem like they would make any difference (like renaming quests/NPCs etc) can end up busting some old code. Worse is that there are fewer and fewer people who would understand the old code, because let’s face it, new programming grads are going to be learning new code. The question remains whether Blizzard feels that it’s worth their time to fix the problems.

I had not considered this! Yeah it’s crazy how lazy their team is, though.