Leveling in Retail - 1-70 in Dragon Isles

Thoughts on Blizzard making it possible to level from 1-70 in the Dragon Isles, I know this makes the other 753 continents pointless but I feel this would be a more seemless experience. The story at this point makes little sense to anyone leveling so that is pointless. Can we not just be a new member of the Horde or Alliance starting off in Dragon Isles.

Gaining rep etc as we go making the task slightly less daunting at max level.

I dunno just a random thought that popped into my head.


It would be nice to finish all quests before lvl cap, as is my toons tend to be maxed before I break into the third zone.

Sounds to me like new players will be able to go wherever they want now, if the “expansion restrictions” being removed means what I think it means. So next expansion, people will be able to.

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(happy dance)

I want to xp lock a couple toons to take my time in older content so being able to lock at 60 instead of 58 is ever so nice.


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Locking at lvl 49 is better due to the scaling and 50-59 lvls get a reduced dungeon list in LFD. Its like they made 50-59 like lvl 10 queuing for dungeons.


Why though? This has been driving me crazy for the past week and I can’t find any info on it… is there maybe an official post somewhere or is LFD just broken?

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As far as lore goes, we’re only there as an escort because we have a such a illustrious record. Everyone else that is there has a similar record for their profession. That’s why most of the villains are as threatening as they are. Full military units are not present on the Dragon Isles. Just guards for the researchers and some adventurers. It’s not a place for new recruits.

Personally I would love to fully experience the Dragon Isles and not hit level cap before I even get to the Azure Span.

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Theres no official response, lol. Your guess is as good as mine!

Leveling is too fast in retail. I wish the turn off XP npc was simply a toggle in settings so you can it off and on at will to control the rate you level.

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Is there enough quests and what not to get you from 1-70?

That is actually a good idea,since most people that purchased the game wish to play the current content why not have people play it from the start at level one? They can go back in time to catch up on what the history was like.

This feature is a very interesting one! people could enjoy more of dragonflight lore and explore the world more profoundly . Would help a lot with professions too.

that would be great.
Or just make a slider where we can adjust how fast we want to level.

10%--------100% experience earned.
Turn it all the way down, 10 times longer to level.

Maybe in the next expansion or the one after that.

just give more experience for lower level characters and decrease it as we get higher.