Leveling in Kara? Cmon Blizz

If this isn’t fixed you’re going to have large amounts of players just sitting in old TBC raid content for half of the entire leveling experience in Wrath. I don’t think that’s a good thing. Since when did raids gives such massive amounts of xp? Please nerf this.


It was like this on live too, it’s not a classic thing. Leveling in kara has long been a tactic (before all the changes in recent years)

And who cares how others level?


People are doing things better than me. Please ban


At what point is forcing people into the open world to level, get ridiculous.

People will always find a way to “boost”. Maybe you’ll end up having some pally boosting his own toons, stealing needed quest mobs from others instead.

People might actually quit before they entertain the thought of having to level another toon because their guild needs a new tank of whatever.

Be careful what you (not you directly) ask for.

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Basically the battle cry of the forums.

“I don’t like X so remove/nerf it so others have to play MY way”


Go level with your friends buddy, stop worrying about everybody else.


They nerfed it on the PTR, thank you Blizz!


I feel like i’m in a MMO HOA at this point, and the karens are telling me what color i need to paint my house.


Yes thank them for forcing more people into the world on launch to add additional competition making the already congested leveling zones worse. If going to be nerfed it makes most sense to do it a week into wrath after the crowds are cleared to prevent 'boosting" if thats the goal.


Wrath of the Snitch King


I would say I hope you get camped your entire time questing since you don’t want other people to level either, but lol Benediction. Not surprised.

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Changes to Leveling

  • Reduced XP gains after 5 minutes to 10% of normal, when gaining XP in Dungeons.
  • Added a stacking debuff, Adventure’s Apathy, to measure the Reduction.
  • Implemented a Buff: Hero’s Call, which counters the XP Reduction debuff.
  • Rest XP will only function outside of instances.
  • Rest XP will not function if party members are more than 3 levels above your character
  • When dying in Instances, character has a 10% chance to lose XP. This effect is increased by 10% per stack of Adventure’s Apathy, to a maximum of 50%.
  • When dying in Instances, your ghost will respawn at a random graveyard in the open world.
  • When dying in the open world, your ghost will spawn at your corpse.
    (We remind players on PVP Servers that excessive deaths may constitute “feeding” and be actionable. Try leveling an alt while you wait for the Heat to die down!)
  • Joyous Journey will remain in effect while in the open world.

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Paladin mains in shambles… again…

What did they change ?

The mobs in Karazhan don’t give EXP anymore.

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Well, it’s not a bad thing i guess.

Leveling in raid shouldn’t be a thing especially a raid from the previous expansion. As long as they don’t touch WOTLK content it’s fine.

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It might sound like I disagree with you but I don’t, I really don’t care how other people level or play the game at all. Especially these days.

I think the problems that keep coming up is people don’t realize how many exploits and tricks there have always been in the game. In the past, it wasn’t such a big deal-- word would spread a little, but not quite to the masses in the way streamers/youtubers spread things now.

I knew a pally who did this sort of thing back in the day, our guild just thought it was cute, kinda cool, but meh whatever. Nowadays though it’d be a youtube video “TwO MIllION XP PER HOUR in KarAZHaN BIS Pally LVLing!” and that is the societal difference that leads to these complaints.

Eh, it’s an MMO. As long as something isn’t a clear exploitation of a feature in a way that doesn’t resemble the intended gameplay or centralizes the meta around some unreasonable task, it should be fair game. Part of the fun of a game like this is the sandbox nature of how you can do things— continuously trimming the edges so people can’t do things differently shouldn’t be the approach Blizzard takes.


Your opinion <-------------------------------------------------------------> Reality

See how far away they are from each other?

(We remind players on PVP Servers that excessive deaths may constitute “feeding” and be actionable. Try leveling an alt while you wait for the Heat to die down!)

So now theyre gonna punish people for getting camped!? Lmao, only blizz…