Leveling enchanting in Hardcore Self-found mode

Enchanters need Silver Rod, Golden Rod, Truesilver Rod and Arcanite Rod that are crafted by blacksmiths and cannot be looted from mobs, chests or fishing.
How can an enchanter level their profession in Self-found mode? Wait until reaching level 60, level blacksmithing first and make the rods or just choose another profession?


In the unofficial self-found hardcore challenge, this is pretty much exactly how you would have leveled enchanting, so that’s how we left it for our mode. We aren’t strictly opposed to providing an in-game solution to get one of these rods solo (a vendor or quest perhaps) but it’s also not something that we want to change lightly, as there are likely many veteran hardcore players that may expect this part of self-found to persist.

One of the fun things about hardcore is that you can sort of fine-tune your own difficulty level if you’d like. This might be one of those things that if you do it, others would know you worked for it, and that might be appealing to some folks who really want a challenge and to show off that accomplishment.

Like every aspect of Classic, we are always be interested to hear feedback from the community on this topic. How do veteran players feel about this? How would newer hardcore players feel about this?


As a newcomer to the hardcore scene (I got to 56, got a little bit too close to death and chickened out), I see both stances as valid. Arguments could be made for both, those that engage in HC are only a % of the players, those that decides that SF is something they want to try are probably even lower. Those are probably some really “hardcore” players that would want a challenge, but is swapping professions at 275 (or 200 if you’re happy with Truesilver Rod) a resonable time commitment? Especially so if that investment could be thrown out the window due to it being hardcore.

I personally would be fine with either adding a quest or two for each rod or simply saying “We want this to be a challenge” and forcing the player to level both. Maybe even keep it as a challenge for now and look into adding the quests further on into the future.

Thank you so much Aggrend for taking the time to answer my question. When starting this topic my first thought was we should be able to level enchanting solo to 300. But when I think more about it I would prefer that no changes are made. Self-found is about what we can achieve on our own. We won’t be able to level enchanting to max skill but let’s consider other characters that won’t be taking enchanting as a profession. They won’t even have access to lowest level enchants and will still succeed in their journey. With the huge changes in Season of Discovery Hardcore (together with Classic Era) are the only place left to experience the pure “no changes” Classic.

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