Leveling a Boomy, Arena question

The rotation is Convoke > Bear > Thorns and live until Convoke is back right?

If so it will be a little easier to memorize than Stealth > CC > Stun > CDs > Run and get a restealth I didn’t really earn until CDs are back

I’m looking forward to that if so. Pls lmk in the comment section below

Nah it’s convoke -> cyclone everybody and their grandmother until convoke is back. Luckily the new legendary makes convoke a 1 min cd instead of 2 min so it’s way easier

Oh sweet even better.

Might go pokey den mama for the lulz in between

In bgs it is convoke then bear till convoke is up again.

But guys, Kyrian is better!!1!1!!!1!

Honestly I probably get as many kills from manual starsurge spam as I do with convoke. I think they see convoke on cd and don’t expect anything. It’s fun to build power on the healer and turn around and dump it on the dps when your partner gets them to ~50-75%

The biggest thing to know is that incarn is a 3 min cd , and convoke without incarn is actually kind of trash. You need to set yourself up for an incarn convoke that is difficult to interrupt. You can either bait kicks , use cross CC, or use LOS to accomplish this.

Alternatively, you can walk behind someone and incarn convoke from stealth to get 1400 or so.

Between goes , you mostly are putting our minor rot pressure / getting astral power with dots . Also cycle clones on dps to slow down pressure . Then set up minor goes every minute with root beam.

I don’t trust those dudes. They spend a lot time forcing people to fly above them wearing just togas :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Even at 1400 opening with convoke gets shut down. I would always have the best luck sitting on convoke. It seems like the longer you wait the more distracted they get and almost forget that you have it up.

It helps if you are in a comp that can put out kill pressure without convoke . For example if you play with a ele , fire mage , or spriest you can simply root beam into clone healer and throw out minor damage with dots / wrath / starsurge while teamate does first go.

Once you force a trinket , an out of position opponent can be instant game over . Once you force multiple trinkets , you can set up a fool proof checkmate situation with cross cc.

Ya, I’m not very good, but me and my buddy did double boomkin 2s for fun and made it to 1400. I just noticed the longer I held onto convoke the better our chances of winning.