🔴 Level Squish Questionnaire going out

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The squishes are never going to end though. Blizz hasn’t given one iota of evidence that things are going to change so drastically. So they’re going to squish and they’re going to keep squishing. The cycle will never break as long as people are afraid of large numbers.

But we don’t instantly become weak the way we’d need to if they stopped adding new levels. We’d basically have a squish every single expansion.

If you’ve paid any attention to BfA, you’d realize that they’re busy cutting the brakes on inflation, they’re not going to stop it any time soon. And I dunno about you, but I like growing stronger in relation to what I’ve done before. Not stuck at level 60 forever.

The game can handle up to 9 quadrillion, I want to see some big numbers instead of being yo-yoed every expansion.

Do not taunt the happy fun dot.

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I still can’t help but feel like this is a slightly more articulate than average phishing attempt.

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If it were a phishing scam, I would hope that Blizzard would have confirmed that it was a scam by now.


Really hoping for NO LEVEL SQUISH.

Leveling alts is one of my favorite things in the game. Going from 1-120 is a very zen experience for me where I can just decompress, put on a podcast, and go through the world I adore so much. I love hearing how crazy I am when I tell people I have 50~ alts at or near level cap.

The way I see it, there are really two options for a level squish, both of which are bad.

Option 1 is a level and experience squish. This would be truly disheartening without some form of compensation for levels/exp (ie, my time) lost. It isn’t a big deal when the occasional, small exp squish comes along and makes it a little easier, but I would assume that this kind of “level squish” would be a very significant decrease in time needed to reach max.

Option 2 is same amount of time/exp needed as now, just a smaller level number. This is my preferred of the two, but I worry that without significant changes to leveling rewards it will feel even less rewarding than the current model. It will take just as long to reach your next talent but you won’t even have the psychological satisfaction of “dinging” frequently.

The real issue isn’t levels, it’s lack of rewards. So here’s what I think should happen.

It would obviously be nice if we could get just one or two more talent rows and a few more abilities per specs to earn as we level, but that requires more balancing and, as Blizzard has said many times, it isn’t realistic to add new abilities with every expansion. So, the real long term solution is this…

Create an account wide system similar to honor levels that grants cosmetic rewards. Levels earned across all characters contribute to your “account level”, with low levels obviously granting less progress (and boosts granting none), so you can’t game the system.

The rewards would be minor but come frequently at first, say for the first ~13 max level characters. That way you could level all classes to max (I’m assuming we’ll be getting a new class Soon™) and not have long stretches where you earn nothing while doing so. After that, for the people that just like to level multiple of the same class (the crazies like myself), the rewards would start to be spread farther out.

Rewards can be titles, pets, mounts, recolored (or brand new) armor and weapons.

I would prefer if this was simply added to the current system and leveling itself be left alone, but applying this to option 2 would also be satisfactory.

The only way to salvage option 1 would be to create a “level bank” that stores the levels/exp we’ll lose with the squish and lets us grant those to alts, similar to how recruit-a-friend works. It would still be disappointing but it would be acceptable to me.


I think that the game is in a fine spot. Progression doesn’t matter much to me because I was raised with RTSes and all I care about is having fun when I play the game. My family has one subscription and we mainly use it to form parties between all of the starter accounts in the family. We have loads of fun on the starter account and the only change I wish for in the game is Island expeditions and warfronts available from level 10.

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This nails it for me. I want power progression!

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I remember at 110 it was really hard but leveling was easy

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Ion the apologist did mention that was a big fault in how they handled that. One of many things he says they realized but honestly I hate how long it takes them to show that they learned something - not just going and apologizing.

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This just falls into the bucket of “Ion says lots of things.” But for all the things they’ve supposedly learned, the just keep doing the same things over and over again. Apologies without meaningful change are worthless.

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Yes, we all know that.


This is an interesting concept. How would a level squish affect all the raiding content? Molten core still 60? Opens up a lot of raid content if that is the case.


I really hope EVERY old raid will be 60. And that during every content drought, level cap is 60, including the last expansion that just finished.

12 months of being able to progress in dozens of raids or run over 100 different Mythic+ dungeons is so much better than 12 months of rerunning ONE raid and 5 or 6 M+ dungeons.

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I got a questionnaire once about something different but it said to “Not discuss it”. I’m for a level squish though.


Completely agree! So much content as far as progression wont even have to worry about the Raid Lockouts with so many to do.


This is sheer lunacy. I will quit playing if they pull this crap.

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well good thing i already unsubbed and it looks like i wont be coming then


Already unsubbed when I heard about this. Not that they will care, so good bye.


Would be cool I think, refresh the game.

Graphics update too

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How would slowing down how long it takes to reach the next level be “cool?” And there will be no graphic update as part of this.

Why level at all? Just start everyone at max level from now on. Are we going to go up to 120 every 4 years then get knocked back to 100? It’s insane.

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That sounds, to put it bluntly, horrible. You’d fracture the player base so far and wide that almost nothing would get done. There’s a reason they don’t keep adding battlegrounds all the time.