Level Locked 60 Guild WoTLK

Hey Everyone! i am helping get the word out for a level locked 60 guild called “Locked in Ice” on WoTLK servers. It’s an NA based community and the goal is to remain at level 60 clearing content with wrath class changes and such and see how much content we can clear without any outside help! we do plan to eventually move on to 70 and 80 content but will be remaining at 60 till we are satisfied with how much we’ve accomplished. We do have some people who are newer to wow and are eager to see all the content they can as well as some people experienced with the project 60 scene from WoD and Legion so don’t be scared if you don’t have experience with this sort of content. If you are interested in joining us or just want to come say hi and see what we’re up to i’ll leave the discord linked below! Happy Hunting everyone! Discord: DfEqkReFtD