Level 60 required for the love rocket

That sucks and seems unfair to people who haven’t gotten around to leveling their alts or even buying Shadowlands.





Well at least they gave us notice and we didn’t find out when the event went live…



ack ack ack you silly kids! rockets are for grown ups

They didn’t, though. Wowhead found out from players in another region where the event has already started.

and this is after days of questions on the forums

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I’ll never get it…

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Lol. You’re adorable.


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Eh, whatever. I only have three 60s.

I guess I get to do other things for two weeks besides run fifteen 50s through.

Next time, next time.

Well I suppose it wouldn’t be Shadowlands if it didn’t have some irritating catch.

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At this point in only doing it to satisfy some base urge that tells me I should have it because over a decade ago it was a some what cool mount.

It’s almost endearing to see anyone that would have this sort of hope for blizz.

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they should have left it at level 60. cowards.


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Got it last year when I was able to run it on all my 120’s and 110’s.

What bad PR.

yeah, and the neck item that drop is iLvl 44, lol