Level 60 Endgame Beta Realm Now Available

Today, we’ve opened a realm in the Shadowlands Beta that is configured for endgame testing at Level 60: Torghast.

On the Torghast realm, testers will be able to create a Level 60 character and test endgame content, such as:

  • Mythic Keystone Dungeons
  • Castle Nathria (open only at scheduled times for testing)
  • Fully Unlocked Soulbinds
  • All Conduits available
  • All Legendaries
  • Max-level PvP

For the purposes of this testing period, ‘Flaskataur’ and ‘Runeataur’ and ‘Runecarvataur’ vendors will be in place to allow you to shortcut endgame systems. These vendors will not appear in the live game after Shadowlands launches.


Just FYI - can’t make a DK/DH due to not having levelled a char to 8/10.
Might wanna fix that :slight_smile:

Edit: NVM, fixed already!


I cant make characters at all.

Edit: I tried copying a character and now it gives me this:

Which isnt ideal.

Edit again: Seems to be working now

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I don’t see any World Quests on The Maw server, are we just supposed to test those on the Torghast server now?


Getting errors while retrieving character list and on my main that I copied over from live I take a couple steps in the chamber of heart when I can get in and get disconnected.

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I also cannot create a new character on Torghast. The other two realms seem fine. It says Error Retrieving Character List. Halp!

Edit: I reloaded and it brought me to the character creation screen, then when I made a character and clicked “Finish”, it says “Character creation failed”.

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I also do not have the option to create a character at all. Just copy, and the copies fail.

It seems if you go to another server and come back with a non allied race background it gives you the option to create, but says character creation failed after you hit finish.


Okay, seems to be working now.

Made two characters and copied one. Now getting error retrieving character list on Torghast and Oribos servers. I don’t have any characters on Maw, currently.

Can not make a copy character. Made a fresh one and every time I try to turn in quest after selecting a covenant I get disconnected.

I had to turn off all add-ons to turn in quests

Is the same content available on the other beta servers for characters who are level 60 or is there some advantage to moving/creating a toon on this realm?


If you want to test the legendaries you pretty much have to move to Torghast since they don’t appear to have fix skinning/leatherworking yet. Although, if you go to Runecarver to get the legendary you may never get back. I keep on getting d/c trying to leave.

When you say “available” do you mean you can technically make a character and log in, but actually doing just about anything cause you to disconnect.

Can’t turn in Covenant quest, can’t buy anything from Vendors, can’t queue for anything, good luck taking a flight path! 60% of the time it can’t even load character list when logging back in.

Is it just me having so much trouble doing anything at all on the Torghast server?

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Its more than just the Torghast server, all 3 servers seem to be largely broken atm.

Conduits that are located on the PvP vendor for CP are not located on the conduit vendor in the sanctum (ex: Demon’s Touch).

Not all soulbinds are unlocked. The two locked behind covenant campaign progression are not unlocked.

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I’m not sure how to make a level 60 character here. I did a character copy and that worked fine, leveled him up to 58 and there’s not much more I can do to get his xp up right now, so I figured I’d make a 60 so I could continue. Character creation returns a message that says “Failure” when I finish making the character.

Edit: I figured out my problem, it wasn’t letting me make a Pandaren for some reason. Made a different race and it worked just fine. Not sure why that’s the case, but oh well.

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Dear devs,
please add the pvp medallion trinket to one of the temporary NPC, PVP testing is very unrealistic without having a trinket available.