Level 1 mass raid


Wasn’t this a thing before? I remember seeing a video about it from somewhere (can’t remember the name of the video now), but there was a time when an entire raid of level 1s would gather, travel around the world and kill higher level mobs and elites as they gather more than 40 people.

Would be nice to experience you know? Why bother with all the same boring crap if you can form a level 1 raid and go kill some stuff and each other too!


Level 1 raid on Hogger anyone?


We did this with the stress test on northdale. they would span some bosses for us to fight .


I miss the lvl 10 or somting elite hoger in front of storm wind I was sad when they removed that it set a goal to come back and kill him

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It was, people also did a few naked gnome race’s around the world. In retail, i think it was during wotlk. They made it so you had to be level 10 to join a raid.

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We used to do it when on raid night our server was down.


In classic we should get over 1000 lvl 1s together and go raid a city or something.


Not going to happen if the plan for sharding stays in game you’ll be lucky if you get 2 raids in the same shard


Isn’t sharing only gonna be in for the first few weeks of release? What I heard


That is what Blizzard said they also said they would never scale world mobs to ilevel we saw how that went this is not the Blzzard we used to know.

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They’ve said they only plan to use it in the first few weeks to help combat server issues with “visitors” who come to classic but won’t necessarily stay.
There’s no good reason to suggest anything beyond that unless there’s something seriously wrong with server populations.

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I know people want to do this for fun, but it’s our responsibility to do it to test the servers. We need to see if Blizzard is pulling a fast one or not. We have to take our level ones to STV and see if we get sharded.

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I remember Susan express putting an advertisement in orgrimmar once with a bunch of tauren corpses.

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The first level 1 mass raid occurred only two months into the Beta.

From the WoW Archivist:

The first class protest in WoW occurred only two months after the game launched. Like Druids United, the problems stemmed from beta changes – the original WoW beta. Warriors received some substantial nerfs late in the beta life cycle. The beta nerfs already had warriors grumbling. Then further nerfs to the class were patched in to the live game not long after launch. The official forums exploded with complaints.

With Blizzard showing no sign that they would revert the changes, warriors planned a protest on the Argent Dawn realm for the night of Friday, January 29, 2005. All protesters were encouraged to roll a level 1 gnome on Argent Dawn and march to Ironforge. The protest had several names, but the one that stuck was the Million Gnome March.

As the event began, organizers created a guild on the Argent Dawn realm and invited protesters into it. So many attended that the guild interface couldn’t handle all the invites – the invite button stopped functioning.

Gawkers and Argent Dawn natives showed up at the event too. Some asked the protesters to leave the realm. Some taunted them. Others just wanted to see what would happen.

Blogger Foton reported on the event live: “They are about to begin the march to Ironforge. It is a sea of naked gnomery, and I cannot adequately describe how horrifying a vision that is.”

This event inspired the Blackrock raids that plagued Argent Dawn throughout Vanilla. Hogger raids would eventually occurs as well, before the level 1 “running of the bulls” would start occuring with Tauren running from Thunder Bluff to Orgrimmar.