Lets Try Personal Loot

Not being able to trade items ruins the fun of Loot hunting games. It’s super fun to find items to trade. That keeps us hunting for Loot.

Hard NO! Honestly nothing should be BoP.

Personal loot is horrific and brings back dreadful memories of Retail. It’s a concept that should of never happened in this type of game.

You’ll still have a chance at gear by clearing the instance though? That hunt doesn’t go away necessarily.

It will just prevent player input on who gets the drops which is maybe something we should experiment with.

If I wanted to play by myself for the loot by myself and get everything I want on a silver spoon by myself
Then I would play retail

The point they made since day 1 of classic is having an opportunity to communicate and enjoy the environment of grouping with others

Just because you’re mad about gdkps and now have to actually win loot in the normal loot system and can’t cope by making up some dumb idea
Doesn’t mean it’s a good idea

No it feels awful. I’d probably stop playing if there was personal loot and it can’t work in Classic. There is no excitement in drops. You got together in a group for GROUP loot. Personal loot you just get way way less loot. There is no trading among your Guild/Raid to players that really need an item.

There are 2 reasons to hunt. You hunt for Loot you need, you hunt for Loot to Trade. This is a social game and you are trying to kill the main part of it with personal loot.

Personal loot is just horrific and it’s a great way to get player to uninstall immediately when they have ZERO chance at getting the items they need. Hard pass. No!

PS - Lets also keep in mind personal loot doesn’t work for Classic. Who decides what is the loot you need? My Boomy needs Cloth gear. My Prot Pal needs Leather Caster gear. My Warrior needs Leather pieces and the healing dagger.

Personal loot CAN’T work! We have very unique Loot in Classic. It’s not homogenized garbage like Retail. There aren’t armor specializations (which is a good thing)

Personal loot is horrific and brings back dreadful memories of Retail

Well those memories are probably better than you being laughed at on the pvp forums for a decade.

Sorry couldn’t help myself.

Personal loot bad, agree.

Personal loot makes a lot of sense. We know the GDKP ban is to prevent erosion of guild socializations and nothing erodes guild socializations more than corrupt loot councils

Personal loot eliminates both threats to guild socializations in a far more effiecient manner.

The problem with this is youll have carry runs similar to retail and rmt will still be a thing. people will just join with groups that have tons of plate users as a example with the gear or ilvl equivalent gear already that they can then trade the gear they get to the buyer

Honestly, if it allows full trading within the raid, I’m okay with that.

I’d like to be able to pass an item I already have (or a better version of) to a guildie if that’s the case, but outside of that, I see no issues.

You’re absolutely correct and they should import implement it before gnomer opens.

Or you’ll get the same thing every week, or an item that’s not an upgrade.

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Personal Loots makes it too easy to get drops which lowers the rarity of drops. Which in turn makes those drop less meaningful. Pass.

Interesting I don’t remember that at all. People don’t like Prot mains but that is their problem.

That’s cause my thoughts are always on tract with The People.

I actually remember unsubbing after 3 weeks of the same boots. This personal loot is now making me thing of the Toxic great vault. All that stuff is trash RNG design.

With that said I do hope they expand the tokens to more gear. There should just be badge vendors. You complete the Raid you get a Badge. You get 3 badges go buy that ring at the vendor. That is good Loot.

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They won’t, but god I wish they introduced a system like that now that GDKPs are finally dead.
It’s the best system. It encourages people who are near BiS to keep running raids in a GDKPless world. It encourages people to not leave the raid if their desired loot doesn’t drop. It makes sure you don’t feel like garbage when you don’t get any drops three lockouts in a row.
It has the downside of not being classic-like though, which is too much for some people.

Personal Loot is a terrible option, which is only made worse by the itemization of items in classic. It only worked in retail because everything is itemized specifically for the classes that could use it, and even then you’d get items you didn’t want and if it was higher level than what you were using you couldn’t trade it.

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Hard agree here. Give me a badge vendor any day. I ran BFD every. single. lockout. and never saw the cloth robe drop. Never got my 2 piece bonus. Fun times.

Anything to have my presious back…

Let’s also add titanforging into the mix. Go full circle boy!

Almost choked on my hashbrown :rofl:

Maybe not before Gnomer but for whatever is next, sure.