Let's talk about the strange implications of Alleria and Turalyon's relationship

I think with the void and the light it’s not about good or evil…we’re dealing with blue and orange morality when it come to the cosmic forces. The void is about infinite possibilities (ultimate freedom) and the light is about control. Either of those two concepts can be used for good and evil depending on the situation.

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I thought the void was moreso about hunger and consumption. I’m not seeing a ton of freedom elements.

Total freedom with out any constraints leads to out of control hunger/consumption. Total freedom is the core concept. This is just my opinion though.

I’m assuming Anduin’s three lies are:
1.) Expressing peace between the Horde and Alliance in Legion. Then invaliding that by sending Genn, the most vocal anti-Sylvanas Alliance leader, with observing Sylvanas. And despite ordering him to only engaging if the situation demanded it, the in-game cutscene starts with the Skyfire firing on the the Forsaken fleet.
2.) The Gathering where he promised a day of peace between the living and the Forsaken. And yet undermined that peace by willingly bringing Calia Menethil to the event, despite knowing full well her presence could cause issues if she was recognized. Cue her being recognized, Sylvanas lashing over the Arthas’s sister being present, and then him refusing to accept responsibly by blaming Sylvanas and to a lesser extent Calia for the deaths.
3.) Declaring that the Alliance must stand as one at the Battle of Lordaeron and then not sending troops to the Night Elves in the Battle for Darkshore.

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I think it would be unfortunate for Turalyon to suddenly be an extremist but it’s on par for the writing and I do want to see the Alliance have an internal conflict so what’cha gonna do.

Also annoyed they changed him and Alleria touching, takes out the consequences of their choices and it was very funny in a meta context.


They were separated for hundreds of years during the thousand years of war storyline and when Turalyon was in danger she immediately took a big risk to go and save him.

I think they share a very strong mental/emotional connection.

Blizzard just has a poor way of demonstrating this in game.


(Correction): They can physically touch, Alleria just cannot be in Void Form while they do. This was explained in the Shadow’s Rising novel.


(Commentary): I should also point out you’re not really describing Turalyon and Alleria at all here. Bypassing the fact that yes, they can touch and be intimate so long as Alleria isn’t bringing tentacles into the moment, the two have a deep and abiding love for one another. Alleria is kept sane by more than just her hope for Arator’s future, it’s actually her love for her family, all of her family, which grounds her sanity. Arator, Turalyon, Vereesa, etc… Likewise, Turalyon and Alleria don’t often disagree. Bringing up the Shadow’s Rising novel again, the two agree more often than not, even when it comes to forceful extraction of intelligence from civilians or refugees.


(Commentary): I remember after completing the Zandalar incursion on Alliance side that ends with Umbric enchanting a T-Rex skeleton with the void for you to wage psychological warfare with, being very interested in seeing what the Lightforged Draenei I report to for turn-in had to say. There was no wariness at all. I’m paraphrasing but her comment was along the lines of, “Now that the Horde has seen the powers at our command, they surely will think twice about attacking us!”

(Speculative): So, it seems to me the Lightforged Draenei view the Void Elves as worthy allies who bring a very diverse power to the cause of the Light. I know X’era would never have tolerated this, but she’s gone. Meanwhile Velen and the rest of Azeroth’s Draenei had a very similar view in regards to learning Shamanism; another force to wield in service to the Light.

(Clarification): Turalyon used the light to restrain the individuals Alleria was taking information from for their own protection. The process of intelligence extraction was so painful they flailed around uncontrollably and would have done great injury to themselves.

(Commentary): That said, apparently both Lightforged Draenei and Void Elves were disturbed by that. During the second interrogation Jaina arrives and see’s them doing it to a smuggler, and notes how uneasy the forces with Turalyon and Alleria are at what they’re doing.

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Jaina is getting paranoid of Darkness and Anduin is tapping into Darkness as he succumbs to rage.

If anyone is leading the Evil Light Faction it will be Jaina and if anyone leads the evil Void Faction it will be Anduin.

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Ah, yes, Sylvanas goes on a murder spree and it’s Anduin’s fault for not anticipating that a very specific chain of events would happen.

How dare he not pull troops from the fronts they’re already stretched thin on so Tyrande doesn’t have to wait for backup. Why win a war on one front when you can lose because you decided to fight on two fronts?

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Not to um actually you…BUT.

They can touch, and it doesn’t cause physical pain.

What caused big T pain was Alleria yanking his light forged ar se through a void portal.


As a Horde player who’s read Tides of War, I personally can say that not only would I not be surprised if Turalyon went bonkers, I expected it from day one of Argus. I’m not going to say his hatred of the Old Horde wasn’t justified (it was, of course), but his whole original arc revolved around him coming to terms with his belief that Orcs aren’t “human” and therefore don’t deserve “human rights.”

His beliefs are very justifiable considering the atrocities he’s lived through, but prior to his appearance in Legion, he was always an extremist. His defining trait was as the guy who was a passionate extremist. He always had an issue with self-doubt, and as a result won’t let himself believe anything halfheartedly, else he question his resolve.

Myself, I’m a little shocked that people don’t think The Second War, Part II: This Time I Think Everyone Is Evil! is in character for him.

EDIT: Tides of Darkness, not Tides of War.


Then I have been misinformed about his characterization. Alrighty then, I have no problem with this plot then.

I’m actually currently reading Tides of War but he hasn’t shown up yet. Or if he did I forgot. I’m having a hard time getting through this book, an issue I haven’t had with other Golden books.

Well atleast Turaylon gets results. I mean last time he lead the Alliance he stopped the Horde. Shut down Nerzul from shattering Azeroth.

He can go as dark as he needs to get Azeroth back on track. Put some boot to backside kind of work.

Turalyon isn’t in Tides Of War. That book takes place during MoP era and he comes back during Legion. If you’re having difficulty getting through this book you’re probably going to have a more difficult time with War Crimes, as I found War Crimes to be boring for the most part. It’s downhill for Christie Golden at this point. Good luck!


You might mean to look at Tides of darkness which he is in.


That’s disappointing as I was looking forward to the absurdity of warcraft characters in a court drama.

The dramatic court moments play out more like an MTV reality show taking place in a high school, and those moments are too few. You get Tyrande being condescending to the Horde, and there’s a moment where people start freaking out and Varian yells at Jaina because they find out she gave the Horde supplies during The Shattering. Most of it is bland retelling of events that happened in the past.

“What happened here?” “It was this.” “What happened next?” “It was that.” “OK. Next person. What happened here?” “It was this.”

Lightforged draenei aren’t as squeamish as Velen’s draenei. My one true love, Grand Lector Enaara, proposes that a better use of her time during the Fourth War would be to torture Horde prisoners. Another Lightforged is almost giddy about the Void elves unleashing horrific void magic on the Horde in Zandalar.

They may be wary of the void, but it was the Burning Legion they were fanatical about. That’s the enemy they fought for 25,000 years. I think it’s a fair bit of fanon that’s out among the fanbase that makes them think the Lightforged are seething with hatred for the void.