Lets return guild levels


Blizzard removed guild levels, like this post if you want to return it.
Guilds lost its charm cause of that change

(Naxius) #2

Not sure I agree with that. Guilds existed before levels and had plenty of charm.

I’d say more likely what has happened is that guilds have lost their charm now that WoW is mostly a single player game. In terms of use, guilds are only NEEDED by those who want to push high difficulty content. As such, people don’t join guilds nearly as much, the social aspect of WoW has been dying as a result of WoW’s single player-ness, so guilds and groups have lost their charm.

I will agree though that without the leveling, there’s even LESS need to have one. So bringing back leveling may help, but I doubt will have any chance of fixing the underlying issue.


Guild levels made players feel that they are not just another trash member.
MMO part in WoW is really bad, i almost agree with you that its more single player game than multiplayer, but guild levels can fix it a bit.

Blizzard must look at EvE online, they got insanely good MMO part, but problems with interface and everything else WoW handled easily

(Carhagen) #4

Guild levels and the perks which came with them created a horrible trend which saw guilds devolve from groups of like-minded people to mass-invite xp milling machines. That trend still hasn’t gone anywhere despite levels being removed. Mass-invite guilds are still around and they’re just as horrible now as they were then.


Guilds are bad right now because the game is bad, not as many people play the game anymore, which leads to guilds falling apart. It’s on an individual level, not a guild ranks level. I’m willing to bet if guild ranks were reintroduced to the game tomorrow it wouldn’t change a thing.

(Daiklave) #6

I hated the guild system in Cata and how it killed small guilds and caused people to rush to gigantic, katamari ball guilds.

So it’s a big no from me.

(Landusk) #7

Well we could have that guild summon/Guild rez spell back…> They where fun and useful until some one abuse it but eh… It was useful at the time.


People would just flock to the “Higher level” guilds for the perks, like what happened before in Cata, and anyone just starting out would need a ready group of fanatics if you wanted to get anywhere :stuck_out_tongue:


I loved to join small guilds to help them get levels, then i just leave when it needed more time to get levels for guild. Guild levels made players be more like a team


That’s because it took a team, not just to level up, but unlock everything also, like killing 100K critters, crafting 10K epics, all that mining, fishing, herbing and cooking too.
With today’s crowd, just don’t see it happening.


wait… Ilthallaine? this night elf from Nixxiom’s???

i’d be banning for 100k critters, and debuffing you for killing a critter. worst achieve ever


He is a fan of me, yeah :stuck_out_tongue:


Keep them dead.


what is a guild now? random 25 active players that gather in one place every week to kill a boss? back in vanilla, BC and WotLK guilds was a tight friendships, best friends found each other in WoW. R.I.P MMO part of WoW


A guild now is not a mass-inviting cesspit churning out droves of unfulfilled and unrecognized players used solely to powerlevel a guild to line the guild creator’s pockets. Big difference.
Never. Ever. Reintroduce guild levels.


if i was the WoW main director i will raise this game to 10 mil subs, im pretty sure


No dear, you would kill this game overnight. You’re not a developer.


iam a game dev, not WoW but i know whats MMORPG

(Naxius) #19

I’m not saying you can’t do it, because for all I know, you could.

But I find people who proclaim things like this do so because they are ignorant of how said thing in need of fixing really works.

You said you are a game dev, so you have base knowledge. However, do you know what it’s like to work on a game as large as WoW? In a company as big as Blizz?

Do you understand deadlines, investor pressure, engine mechanics, multiplayer, marketing, etc. enough that you can ‘easily’ fix WoW?

There are things we all feel we can’t agree with in the game sure. Despite me understanding I know nothing of what happens behind the scenes, there are aspects of the game I cannot fathom existing. But I could never say I could fix this game. We only see the surface of this game’s development. We have no idea of all the stuff happening behind the scenes that may be holding this game back.

As such you should never proclaim such things.


Ya the mass rez perk was nice. The gold perk was what was being abused more than anything. As soon as the guild bank got tons of gold built up, the gm would do a mass guild kick, and steal the gold lol. Always stayed away from guilds back in cata that would not offer guild repairs, and had a ton of gold in the bank. That was a red flag imo.