Lets just merge the pvp servers

This transfer policy of not locking server balance has gotten way out of hand. Now one of the most healthy servers from the start of classic is about to crash. Benediction and faerlina not being faction locked was about the worst decison i have ever seen. Lets just make a mega server for pvp since all the servers are broken.

Ps not getting my xfer cash.


Every NA server labeled PVP and I mean every single one is permanently screwed. Take a look. Note that other than Benediction, Faerlina and Whitemane they are all dropping in population and they are all imbalanced. Also, look at all of the dead ones on the bottom. MANY of those were healthy throughout Classic. For 1.5 years. I’ve said why in many posts so no point in repeating. Ignore the ones that say OCE although they have their own problems:
WoW TBC Classic Server population (ironforge.pro)

The PVE servers are in a slightly healthier state but they have had problems too. Also, the majority of players who have decided to not quit over this have paid for at least one transfer in the last 5 months.

I have nothing positive to say about any of this and it’s not good for the game.

Usually, people come into these threads and say we shouldn’t talk about server things. The exact same people have multiple posts attacking others for raid progress and stuff. So basically they are toxic people all around.


This was done when Bene started getting alot of the top ally guilds. We had about a perfect server balance from day 1 until late july 2021. Then it blew up and no cares from blizz to stop the xfers that ended up breaking all of the servers.


The PvE servers are probably going to be in trouble long term because now people will either reroll on the one sided PvP servers, or they’ll transfer to them if/when Blizzard opens up PvE to PvP transfers.

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so you want to force players to play in a way … that they are willing to pay money to not have to play? seems fair. you a businessman?

You mean on a legitimate balanced pvp server instead of this current state arguably driven by pay to win?

How terrible indeed.


people voted with their wallets on what they ACTUALLY want. your semantics have no power here.


Untold numbers who ended up there, did so only because their GMs wanted to make the safest bet and avoid putting everyone through another xfer down the line. Like that alliance guild currently complaining about landing on Faerlina…

Many didn’t want to but were convinced it was the only choice. This is understandable.
But rewind everything, and Bene was not the only choice. So many healthy servers were lost, this is what should have been prevented.


untold numbers just found another guild with another GM.

Where was my vote to keep Benediction balanced. A bunch of pve players wanting a easier life. I dont mind being slightly out number but the inbalance is going to drive my friends away. I have a long standing gdkp i run. Its going to feel bad when guys i played with for 2 years guilds xfer off. I had my first friend tell me that today. I had no idea every pvp server is broken. Its really sad Blizz allowed it to happen.


Yes, I agree with this.

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Many people followed like sheep. There are many terms for this because t’s a human condition. All of them apply. They followed their guilds, they followed out of fear of having to transfer again or fear of getting left behind.

They thought the choices were to follow or don’t play, which is partially correct. Based on what we’re seeing. This is partially why for those who are not getting what they want the game is now a sub-par experience and not at all like real TBC was.

I know so many people who have not enjoyed playing on Benediction alliance it’s not even funny. Friends who now raid log or just outright quit very soon after paying to move because the game stopped being fun. Their “Classic home” that they loved no longer exists. The alliance “community” on Bene doesn’t even really exist and similar to Retail you’re just a number. Not everyone wants to play Retail Lite.

Anyway, this is just how it is now. I tried to help slow or stop it but I can’t do anything as one person. This could have been prevented but Blizzard didn’t care and PVE minded people who don’t even want an MMO but who actually just want to play parsing simulator don’t care so this is how it is.


Damn dude, parsing simulator makes me wanna throw up but it truly is the sad reality of tbc

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Bad part is the horde side is still amazing but i see it going away very soon.

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It’s not pve players wanting an easier life. Imagine being an arena only player. Your healer has 35 healing 7 mp less because he can’t even get revered honor hold. The only person who has resilience 15 to chest on your faction logs on for 2.2 hours a week on Tuesday in the one raiding guild. You do not even know his name. There is one battlegroup. Everyone you face has T6 off pieces and purple gems. You check the AH and there is one crimson spinel for sale at 1800g. It’s ok. You’re just capping in a pug 5v5 team anyways. It’s not the most serious team, so it’s ok if your gear isn’t optimized. Especially since there are only 4 people online.


Overall good argument, but what would happen if someone like me plays Horde on one PvP server and Alliance on another? And also someone who has over 10 characters (server character limit) across all PvP servers?

Look at the total number of people logged each week and watch that trend line…

Down down down

People are voting with their wallets alright, and they are voting to play other games


Yep at this point we should just have one omega omnicron megatron pvp server and layer it to infinity. Blizz should try to keep each layer somewhat balanced faction wise and it will be good

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or retail…

I agree. One pvp server, one pve server, and maybe one rp sever per region. Its the only way to move forward if they keep their hands-off approach.