Lets go boys! we won!

Alliance already had this though, it was Horde that was struggling with queue times.

I think most people knew it was coming back.

Catered again by blizz. Spoiled entitled faction.


90 minute ques weren’t going to continue. What did you think was going to happen?

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lmao… I love it. Blizzard is at fault here but so are the thousands upon thousand of alliance players that have zero care for pvp.

Alliance are at fault as well.

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You must have missed this part then.

Also we will have to see how it goes, but apparently the matchmaker is going to spend a little more time finding opposite-faction games, so might still not mean instant queues for Horde, just quicker.

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Yes, blame the Alliance that are happily playing the game just to kill monsters for loot and not majority of the PVP community that all decided to play one faction.


How it feels to be a horde on the forums right now:


lmao… everyone and their mother know that alliance is the carebear faction. Nothing blizzard can do about it. Horde players dont want to help you guys out neither. So, just except the HvH bgs and switch to a pve server or alliance heavy pvp one and have a great time.

You’re really missing the point aren’t you.

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You guys were having so much fun trolling horde for the last couple of weeks though.


Has nothing to do with same faction bg’s it’s the problem it makes worse. Server population. This change will make the horde pop even higher and more lopsided on almost every pvp server. There’s no reason to play alliance. So eventually we won’t have a population big enough to even raid.


News flash… everyone knew that alliance were dead on pvp servers before TBCC came out. Example Horde (my original alliance server) its down to less then 10% alliance pop. People should’ve done their homework and xfered to a pve server or a heavy alliance pvp one (they do exist).

Nothing stops you from continuing to do that. This was going to get fixed. There were too many players being impacted by it. This doesn’t change anything for you at all.

Thats what the enlistment bonus will contain. They mentioned it will contain marks, which you could use to turn in for that one quest for extra 300 honor.

sulfuras was 51/49 on tbcc launch. Now it’s H70/30. There was no way to “research” that.

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Yeah I take the 5man queue max as an absolute win, I have been asking for this for literally years. Premades are lame

I don’t know where in this thread I made that claim? I’m saying don’t blame the PVE community for the PVP community’s problems.

Is Sulfuras a pvp realm? if it is there goes ur answer. Its common knowledge that pvp realms = horde pve and pve realms = alliance pve/pvp realms.

Frankly I don’t think anyone deserves any actual blame. It’s a video game. Seeing as that’s the case, when problems like this crop up, they’re going to get fixed.