Lets be friends!

I rerolled here last night undead priest and the zone was dead (pun) but then I grouped up with 2 people, we killed spiders and made it to brill, it became the perfect classic Exp. Im looking for more people to play with level with etc. I have a 60 A on grobb i was raiding with but I just came back this week after a 5-month break and was a little overwhelmed over there. I also stream, I dont know where to promote this ? chats usually only 5-10 but we vibe, anyways hello all and see ya in azeroth https://www.twitch.tv/bighattv in game name is khaymal

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We have a smaller population here, so sometimes your leveling experience is going to be a bit solo. What makes DD a great place is the community–and it sounds like you have already begun to reach out and make connections. I think your best chance for having a great experience here on DD will be in finding a guild that fits your playstyle and works to help it’s membership succeed. Most of the Horde guilds work together to make this a healthy community. We often help out each other’s leveling members when doing quests, raids, etc.

There are a number of great guilds Horde-side. With you being Forsaken, I’d first mention The Order of the Forsaken, which is an Undead guild. Skullcap is the most honorable GM (Cryptkeeper) and an active part of the RP community.

Landlubbers is also a great organization, Ysha/Yda being the capable Troll Captain of this large crew of privateers. Night Witches are are more PVE based, but still very active and vital in WPVP and RP here. Both these guilds have a larger active population as they have no racial or class-based limitations on their membership as opposed to The Order or other active RP guilds such as us (Tauren only), The Burning Rage Clan (Orc only) or Brotherhood of Blades (rogue only).

There are a number of Horde-side guilds who have wonderful people who make this server what it is such as Whitewolf Warband, Crimson Cowl, and The Resistance.

Glad to see you giving the server a try, and if there is anything I can do to help you get established here, do not hesitate to give me a wsp.