Let us transfer our Alts to our Mains, please!

Hello everyone,

When Classic launched, me and some of my people started playing on one of the two avaliable Servers, call it Server Y. This Server basically became a wasteland in P2 due to free server transfers and snowball-effect. So my group and me did the paid server transfer in order to join other real life friends on the other Server X.

Next thing that happens is Corona is hitting and that Server X is getting locked. We enjoyed to be finally able to play together but realising I am missing my beloved Rogue, which was left on Server Y, I tried to bring him over, too - Servers locked.

Now slowly but surely server restrictions are getting lifted and the locks are still in place, at least in the US. While my german Server is still locked and layered you guys at least get some “progess” when it comes to that topic.

While I still can create a new character, I can not transfer my said alt Rogue from Server Y to my Server X where all my current Characters plus my whole social network is on right now. Obviously that does not make sense at all and some voices tend to speak out loud about that issue. But these days it is kind of overshadowed from what is happening these days, too.

So please, let us finally transfer alts to main Servers. We would not even add up to a Q or to the fact that the servers are overcrowded these days.


Ohh with that logic everyone would just create a LvL 1 toon on each server to freely transfer to every destination they want to

Apart from the fact that a level cap like lvl 40/60 could be created, that is not really a concern since it seems like a real rare occassion to permanently take all your characters to constantly server-hop by using paid transfer.

We are full!!!11

Yea but I am established on that said Server for month and month now, being online with my current main and other alts anyways

You DO add up the Q by hopping Characters, playing these Characters XY hours each day!!!

I dont even play my alt Rogue atm due to the fact that it kind of makes me said having im stuck there. I am on my main and other alts on Server X anyways.

Ohh you just care for your special case and not for the greater good!

I do not see how pointing out that creating a character is not that different from transfering a character when it comes to how full servers are, under the premise that you have a high lvl Character on a certain Server already.

I feel that we are kind of forgotten by Blizzard. It seems like they put on/off a switch turning these transfers off and that’s it. But many are out there who just want to bring their Characters together.


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Sorry, Helmut, no one’s reading all that.

Hey there, Robert, let me tldr it for you:

“Let me trans my well geared alt to the servers where all my other chars are left. That server is locked for transfers in general, but open for creating new characters which does not make any sense at all, thank you”

Edit: to be fair to a Supertroll, I edited it and took out a bunch of blabla. Yep, still a lot of it in there but I am a man of words. Love u long time

I see no harm in letting someone transfer 60’s to a server they’ve already got 60’s on, but I’m sure the players would find a way to destroy good intent.

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Is this level 10 your main or your alt?

Of course it makes sense. Blizzard is smart, not stupid. The goal is to limit “total player-hours played” (which affects queues), not to limit “how many players have at least 1 character on this realm” (which does not affect queues).

Here’s a very simple example: LarryTheFierce has 2 high-level characters on 2 realms, and plays each character 3 hours/day. So he plays 3 hours/day on FullUpRealm and 3 hours/day on LowPopRealm.

If he was allowed to transfer to FullUpRealm, then he would play there 6 hours/day. So this rule just reduced FullUpRealm by 3 hours/day, for 1 player.

Clearly the rule makes sense.

Uarg, you again. In each and every thread regarding server pop/transfer matters you show up and shill so hard for Blizzard, pretending they dont have the Data/tools/experience to handle these things properly. I actually don’t even want to respond but for the sake of you whiteknighting so hard, here we go.

obvious bait is obvious

Implying you know what Blizzard is planning in their little HQ.
Anyways, as I read that kind of argument by you before, let me say this:

I dont touch my said alt anymore since I don’t have any hope of transfering him any time soon, plus without any social network left I barely can gear progress. So I decide to let him be and catch up gear as soon as I can transfer to my main with my social network. And I take a great bet that is what many others are experiencing right now.

See why your math does not work?

Plus Blizzard themselves said that Paid server transfer barely makes up anything.

Edit: Allowing fresh people to roll lvl 1 Characters while we are unable to transfer is another reason all this is so absurd.