Let me fully explain how bad epic PVP is right now

Isn’t that win trading to a certain degree?


Yeah, kinda like that.

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Then report. That’s a ban lol

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How would people even know?

Your teammates are supposedly all solo queues.

You wouldn’t expect them to actually be a premade team, possibly split over both sides.

Same way Blizzard knew when RBG teams were win trading. They just do a little digging.

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I think it’s more complicated with synced solo queues (or whatever method they end up using).

For example, they might flood 40+ people with similar MMRs into the system and see which players end up in the same game. Then, they move to a separate discord channel to coordinate what they want to do and who gets to win.

If Blizzard can already identify people sync queuing, they could take out premade raids in random bgs right now.

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Why are 6 of them playing the same class?

Because they want to?

LOL i hope so , but then the other thing we have to worry about is them trying to win trade eachother next .

bcuz they like druids simple

hey i was in this bg. OP is right this was a horrible experience we farmed at workshop GY and then finally capped it and started farming them at the keep graveyard. i would’ve just left.

You can thank the losers in your epic BG for this. They just spam AFK report any safe grave yard whenever an epic BG is a loss.

you get auto-flagged afk after idling 1 or 2 min at a graveyard. outside of a gy you can idle for up to 5 min

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People who lose on purpose would get reported multiple times. Eventually it would be pretty obvious who the premade group is and they would all get suspended or banned for win trading or game sabotage.

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I hope rated bgs just turns into a bronze/silver/gold tier thing where you have the option to queue in your tier and get bonus rewards while also still maintaining the everybody q. If they try to juggle perfect balance with a rating system for 8v8 its going to become a mess with how variable class performance is.

Compared to other games the amount of patch to patch change specs experience is pretty incredible and queueing the first month of a patch into solo q bgs is going to be aweful when you get the fotm ret reroll from the past season tanking everybodies rating as they fall from 2400 all the way down to 1800. It works in solo shuffle because your rating is your own and everybody plays everybody.

I think if they tightened up the grouping by trying to balance bronze with silver with gold regular bgs could become more enjoyable without having to incorporate the arena/rbg system. If I want to play with people at my own skill level I’ll do rated bgs where we can all be in voice and communicate about a map that not all of us can see at all times.

Not a multiboxer, next thread is on premades from you?

Shakestabby, are you saying that you’d like way more premade threads from me? Like at least one per week? I think I can accommodate you and Anathemay… Maybe I’ll turn it up to one epic bgs premade post per hour until the two of you go completely out of your minds.

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I can remember the last time I waited anywhere near 25 minutes for an epic bg to pop.

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I won’t, just will enjoy the tears flowing down your cheeks.