Let me fully explain how bad epic PVP is right now

Let me fully explain how bad epic PVP is right now. I waited 25 min for an epic, got into the middle of a nightmare with Field Army multiboxer premade going on. Everyone on our team has already died like 10 - 20 times each and he’s farming our entire team in our base in Isle of Conquest. People are having to intentionally run out of the graveyard bubble and die over and over and over again getting farmed because they don’t want the 15 min deserter buff from standing in the res point bubble too long. This isn’t a fun game… this is total TRASH… So I waited 25 min, got farmed for 10 - 15 min running out of bubble dying over & over again and then I accidentally stayed in the bubble too long and now I have a 15 min deserter buff after enduring all that. WOW… killer. FIX your game


And I mean dude… it was so bad lol XD… I should’ve screened grabbed it. Their entire Field Army team had totally surrounded our graveyard bubble in Isle of Conquest in our own base and they were like lighting off fireworks and putting up beach chair umbrellas with just a SOLID WALL of 10,000,000 DPS going on right outside our bubble and were all just running out into it like full on suicide mission at the end to not get the 15 minute buff… Like basically moths flying out into the path of the green laser beam from the Death Star in Star Wars.


F in chat for horde

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Field Army aren’t multiboxing. They are individual players. They have named their toons like a multiboxer might, but if you watch them play, they don’t play like a multiboxer.

Also, I’ve spoken to a few of them, they seem like great guys, having fun together in NA, since the China servers are shut down.


Oh, they also stall out games intentionally to farm kills? Sounds like there wasn’t enough parental punishment for bad behavior in their lives.

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Great guys don’t farm GYs to ruin the experience of other players, they just try to end the BG as fast as possible.


poor horde man rip

sry bud.

And what we learned in ioc?



^ This right here


thats most of epic bg premades tho they all do it , they say they dont but they do .

You’ve got a lot of whiner threads my dude.


That’s what happens when there’s a lot to whine about…

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Idk, There’s always been stuff to whine about (hence the forums existing at all) but you seem to have more than the usual amount.

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Here’s a tip… I don’t care.

A. Thats not a tip

B. I know you dont

C. these posts were for my benefit not yours :slight_smile:

D. Pretend this was discord and i inserted a crying baby gif

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Feels like all forms of BGs are just overran with premades at this point. I know it won’t be rated at first, but hopefully the new brawl restricting premade size will help make queuable BGs more competitive.

Don’t mind losing a tough BG, but it gets a little boring either completely flattening the other team, or being ran over depending on which team RNG’d the better premade stack.

You kind of just load in and know whether it’s a win or a loss in the first minute judging by where everyone is going on the map after the gate drops. Lol


theyll prob still q sync just at smaller sizes


Great points. I wish these forums had the ability to give some sort of rep to great posts. I am on a website that does that, and it works great.

However, it would be abused…

The solution is a surrender button but blizz wont do that. Its too easy.

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It’ll be way harder though since the solo queue BG is cross faction. They might get into games fighting each other.

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So-and-so is trying to get to the next bracket/xmog/etc., let’s let them win.

If they figure out how to game the matchmaking system, they’ll determine who wins the game.